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When people say King James only they are speaking of the bible they use and boast about with pride.  The truth is it doesnít really matter what version you read or its accuracy or if it stood the test of time. God inspired the bible regardless of the version to give us instructions to teach us to prepare for eternal life. God wants his children to mature with a character that he can be proud to say He is my son whom I am well pleased with.  Letís remember that every bible in existence today originated from a manuscript that ranges from two to five thousand years of age. Has the King James stood the test of time or was it the first Bible mass produced?

God does not want his children to argue over his word but would prefer that you to obey it. Arguing over the version you should use does not express the love of God or the rights of another person who reads another version. Every Bible expresses the thoughts of God but the wording may express his desires differently. Arguing over which version is a form of discrimination which ultimately defines the believer of the superiority of the King James Bible  as being better and wiser than someone else.

Hasnít language evolved with time and with the development of human society? Letís consider that Jesus spoke to an agrarian society in 28-30 AD but since then man has evolved to a manufacturing society. It means that many of the methods of the biblical times have long been forsaken for newer and improved methods that produce a higher yield in our day. Therefore to understand the change in our culture our language must reflect a change how things are identified to express the improvements man has incorporated into his daily life and understanding. At the same time the means to understand Godís disposition we must change the vernacular of the Bible to todayís language so the bible will reflect the same purpose and intent God inspired through his prophets

Parts of our language have changed in my lifetime. As a child cool was a pleasant and refreshing breeze in the evening. Today cool says your OK or what you have planned is OK with me.

There is a consistent factor in every version Ė every version was translated from what is called the original manuscripts but the language changed because of tools and methods man has developed at the time the bible was translated. For example I doubt if Peter, James and John could explain what an automatic transmission does or what a power outage means. By the same token we have never had to lift a bucket of water from a well to carry that water by hand to fill a thirty gallon water jug? In addition we probably have not seen an shekel or bartered for a loaf of bread. This explanation may give a way to better understand Godís purpose for the more recent translations.  God wants you to understand his expressed desires but it has become necessary to express his word in a language that keeps up with the growth and development of mankind.

Let us also understand that God speaks to a few people in the language of the King James, but also speaks to others in the version of the bible they understand and use to seek God.  The King James Bible only is a statement men take pride in but as it turns out it has become a tool that divides the church. Going to a church where they expect you to teach from the King James Version to keep the unity of faith is another excuse to establish and maintain the King James only beliefs. This idea places a stumbling block in the path of those who want to be part of the teaching ministry in that in using a King James Bible to teach from is like speaking in unknown language.

Contrary to some the unity of faith is in Jesus Christ since he is the central figure of every version. Even the central theme of every bible reveals that manís salvation comes through Jesus Christ Ė not in the version godly men impose on others.

Give it some thought, as Godís children are we supposed to show partiality? Is God so majestic and highly exalted that God is packaged and boxed in the King James only belief?  This kind of prejudice will not make you a better Christian but form of religion based on human precepts.  Shouldnít the King James crowd remove the plank of superiority from their own eye so they can produce fruit for God? The bible was meant to show the love of God and edify the church not to impose; divide it or tear it down. 

Every child of God is important to God but why act like a spoiled brat who rises above everyone else and thinks you should do things their way? God accepts people from other cultures and beliefs making every one of them a member of his household.  Therefore every Christian is in the same boat you are in and like you they want Jesus leading their life through the narrow gate until the day they reach the streets of heaven.  Traffic signs were meant to direct people around danger not to steer people down the road youíre going. Yet the King James crowd is placing their beliefs in the path of other Christians?

What exactly restricts you to the King James Version? Did God inspire the thought of King James only in any Bible or is it an opinion of an infallible man?  The bible teaches that men have distorted the truth to gain disciples in the past. Only immature Christians impose their beliefs on others so that weaker Christians will become their disciple. Sound Christians teach their disciples to follow Christ and to test every teaching against the inspired word of God.

Letís grow in Christ taking on the attitude of Christ. Christ taught his disciple to place their trust in God knowing himself that his fatherís command led to eternal life. Even when his followers left him because of his teaching he did not force them to return or believe him. Obeying Godís word will make you a Christian quicker than the version of the bible you use. Therefore focus your eyes on the word of God for regardless of the wording or how your bible expresses Godís will; all of Godís children live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. 6/5/2016

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