You And I


You and I live in a world of deception wishing that they had done something else instead. Everyone knows that they are their own worst enemy and can be deceived into doing things we donít want to do. How many times have we bought something thinking that it would do the job that you wanted it to do?

God gave man the knowledge of good and evil and a mind to judge the difference between right and wrong. You know how you want to be treated by others, but harm others when it is convenient to your needs. You and I live in a world with double standards and that is completely contrary to the ways of God.

With a mind focused on our needs, you and I judge our character to be in a condition that you hope God will accept. Most people think of themselves as a good and person of morals in their own eyes that is when it is convenient. None of us ever see ourselves as other people do because we do everything according to what is right in our own eyes. In a court of law considering what is right and wrong demands that both sides of the case is heard with the pros and cons being weighed. The nature of man has one fault making it impossible to weigh their character as other people do. The truth is that in a court of law you are assumed innocent until the judge rules, but when he rules against you, its always too late to change.

You and I also live in a world where the true Christian stands out from what is the normal person. What makes the true Christian stand out among the world is the solid character built on the limitations God has placed on them. You donít have to be a Christian to admire the character traits of your Christian friends.

Just as your spouse and other people think differently than you do, so does God. God thinks on a higher plane than man does, but God has chosen to avoid specific things called evil. It is always prudent to place limitations on your life to do no harm to another person knowing that a prudent life leads to a life of integrity. The God that created the world we live in is a God of relationships. Sin is when you inflict pain and suffering on another person that disrupts the relationship and removes you from that personís inner circle of friends.

God is love and a person wanting to have a personal relationship with you. Love is an emotion that draws you closer to another and the process of building trust in the other person. With God trust is the building blocks of all relationships. It is prudent to find out what exactly pleases the Lord and then do those things together with God. It is written that God knows his own and when you spend time with God, he will know you.

Unfortunately, the majority of people on Earth never make the effort to know the Lord and through ignorance and neglect, will find themselves standing before the God of the universe on trial for the deeds they committed during their lifetime. A prudent man will prepare himself to be on the good side of God that particular day.

God says that men are without excuse and that he is understood through his creation because God has made his nature clear to man. It is also clear that God gave man the right to think independently of God and direct our lives as we see proper and fit. Men also know that they want to be treated right by others, the problem being that men fail to treat others, as they want to be treated to get things they want.

In effect men have created a double standard knowing how they want to be treated, but conveniently overlook how they treat their friends and neighbors. This double standard also is seen in those who hope they have been good enough to go to heaven. God is not going to judge your life based on what you think, but on what you have done during your lifetime.

God has a set of standards of behavior that he wants his children to adopt. What is amazing is that those standards are similar to the basic behavior that we demand of our own children. As parents we demand that our children respect our authority and love those within the family unit. We also teach our children to share with others, not to lie or steal and to work for the things we desire. These standards teach you not to infringe on the rights of other people.

Human beings have an authority of their own and tend to abuse that authority without realizing that everyone else has the same authority. When everyone is charge we have chaos and ultimately one person has to have the supreme authority to sustain order. That person is the Lord God Almighty.

Man was given a choice within this system of authority. Anyone can be in charge, but ultimately those who submit to higher authority that succeed in life. To succeed in life in this case is to advance from a temporal life as human beings to eternal life with Our Lord and Savior. Only those found worthy by God will inherit eternal life.

Man is without excuse because God has made it plain that he created the heavens, the earth and every thing on earth. Still, God does not want anyone to perish, so he provided man with a plan for his or her life that meets Godís approval. He gave everyone the opportunity to choose life and become the children of God.

However there is a major difference between belonging to the world and being children of the living God. Those who belong to the world become one of the crowd in thought and deed. Those who are children of God, change the way they think to accommodate their life with their father. They know that their life has no end and the decisions they make have to be eternally sound.

Eternal life is a longtime and the decisions we make in this life are temporal because they concern what is taking place in this life. Heaven and Hell is embedded into the minds of everyone on earth and we have the knowledge that we are destined to go to one of those places.

Godís has placed the knowledge of good and evil and the reality of heaven and hell in every manís heart. The sinner is deceived by the father of lies hoping that he or she is worthy of going to heaven. The child of God knows their father in heaven and is certain of going to heaven in the next life.

Life doesnít always go the way we want it to go, but life is all about our options and the choices we make. Life in our old age is always a result of our accumulated knowledge and choices we made during our lifetime. However, the knowledge of God is something that the majority of men fail to pursue. In their arrogance they do not know that the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God's sight. The meek know that they are going to heaven by making the choice to believe in the Son of God and pursue a relationship with him.




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