Consider Your Future

Lamentations 1:9 is an example of those who had a personal knowledge of God but refused to reform their life. Prior to the day of exile Godís people neither paid attention to the prophets sent by God nor attempted to obey Godís laws. Time and again God said obey me and I will be your God. Lamentations 1:9 displays the consequences of disobedience yet there is another option. It is in your power to accept God on his terms and when it is all said and done both God and the person who accepts God will benefit well into their future.

Considering your future is something we all do, while we plan out our life in this world most do not plan for eternal life. Instead most of humanity hope that they are worthy of going to heaven. Yet there is knowledge assuring us of eternal life if we only would listen. The knowledge of what God our creator has planned has been made known to mankind so every man may make his or her abode in heaven.

 What we may not understand is that the death of our body is a transitional moment of our entire life. Death is also the time of judgment and the time where God decides your worth to him. To understand the reason for judgment ask yourself what do you do with things that do not function as you hoped and has become worthless because it does not do what you designed it to do?

Have you considered the position you place God in by how you live. It is in your power to know and understand the good and perfect will of God. Take time to consider the people who do things you approve of, can you find fault in them? On the other hand when you live according to Godís will can he find fault in you?

God inspired his word to the entire world so they would know why they need to choose life. God also inspired the guidelines of how he would Judge mankind then said

It is reasonable to believe God is just at the same time it is reasonable to believe no one will escape the judgment seat of Christ. Everyone will be judged by the same rules God governs his life by. The rules God governs his life by are the same rules you wish other people would use when dealing with you. In other words you reap what you sow Ė so do unto others as you would have done to you.

The choice to live eternally demands you to consider the way your creator lives and how the way he lives has benefit for you.  It also demands you consider the inspire words of God to test them and consider whether they are worthy of you accepting the truth. Then consider the laws God asks us to obey on the earth will be the same laws that will govern the kingdom of God or what we know as Heaven.

Because God rules over his creation we will be held responsible for what we do while in the body. God owns everything he created and mankind was made from the dust of the earth. At the same time consider the body is buried while the indwelling spirit of man leaves the body and returns to God for judgment. The condition of your spirit regarding good and evil is what God will Judge. Godís purpose was to build an eternal kingdom from the acceptable men and women willing to serve him.

Christians know that whosoever chooses to believe in Jesus Christ can plan on going to heaven after the body we live in ceases to exist. Yet it is a choice to accept eternal life based on what Jesus Christ has done to atone for our sins. We also have time to consider that Godís thoughts are not ours nor are our ways his. We have the choice to agree with God.

There can be no peace with God when there are no limits to what men are capable of doing. Love is not an emotion but a way of life and the way to live. You cannot ignore God because he has made his eternal power and divine nature seen and understood from what has been made. For this reason mankind has no excuse to understand that God exists.

All of creation declares the glory of God with one exception. While man is Godís crowning achievement, the person who chooses to ignore God and takes him for granted will find themselves missing the mark. Even the person who informs God he or she is worthy of eternal life will fall short of his desires. Again the person who asks God why you made me this way does not know God. God is like the potter who forms a clay pot but if the pot does not meet his needs, he has the right to destroy whatever is flawed.

People miss out on their goals because they do not know what they are getting into. God says my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. It means what you donít know will get you into trouble. Paul makes sense when he wrote find out what pleases the Lord in Ephesians 5:10.  Again Hebrews 11:6 tells us it is impossible to please God without faith.

Heaven is Godís home and his kingdom where he rules supreme, yet you can be a welcomed part of his family, citizen of his kingdom and a servant that serves his needs.  By faith, every person of this world has the right to commit his or her life to become the child of God. Those who welcome Jesus Christ into their lives has been given the right to become children of God, born into his kingdom through the born again experience. 

God accepts you as you are but like the father of Christ, God has the power to persuade you to become more Christ like. God is willing to go the extra mile to ensure your eternal life. Your responsibility is to pay attention to God and take to heart the ways of God. When you become serious with God, God works with you to see that your goals of going to heaven are achieved. 

Almost everyone makes decisions that will benefit their future life. The decisions you make today and the commitment to firm up your decisions is what gives us hope for our future. At the same time we have to look at what God has planned for those who accept him by faith.

We will never know what God has planned or what we will be doing a billion years from now. It really doesnít make a difference because being with God is all that counts. It is not what we get out of our commitment because our future is in the Lords hands. Are you willing to prepare for your future by placing your life in Godís hand and can you trust whatever God has planned is in your best interest? November 16, 2015

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