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The bible tells that God has made his existence known to mankind for they can see and understand his being through the things he created. Itís common knowledge that most men and women consider God to be the creator of the earth and the ruler of the universe. At the same time, most people seldom ever consider that men and women are a tiny part of universe that God created or that God has a purpose and a plan for them.

Itís for this reason no man has an excuse of knowing that God created him. Everything God made has a purpose and if man were to take the time to consider the things that God created he would find that everything either directly or indirectly supports the life of mankind. Therefore, manís life is totally dependent on the choices that God has made in the past and will make in the future.

If our environment had no sun, no gravity, no air to breathe and no source of water mankind would not exist. Yet everything God created shows a well thought out design that has lasted several thousand years. Ultimately, man is totally dependent on the choices that God has made but rarely considers that there will be a day when he must give an account for his life.

When man considers the creation, everything God created has a distinct purpose. The irony is that almost no one ever considers that God has a clear purpose for his or her life. While it is not mandatory, God gave man a choice to seek him and discover what he has in mind.  If you were to pursue the plans of God, you would find that God is proposing an opportunity for an enjoyable and abundant life for man as a gift.  He didnít leave anyone out and everyone is capable of accepting Godís plan.

The bible tells us that God desires that all men choose life, so that you, your children and your childrenís children would live too. The scripture says that the life God has planned would be an abundant life or what he calls the gift of eternal life. God is serious about your choice for life, but it must be a choice you deliberately choose you make with God to receive.

On the other hand, God also said that he does not want any man to perish. However it is obvious that many are going to perish. The choice to reject eternal life is rather simple. Exercise your right to ignore Godís proposal. Should you reject or ignore Godís plan and demonstrate your rejection by the way you live, God is still willing to give you the desires of your heart. God has given man the choice between life and death, you can have one but not both. Needless to say turning down Godís plan has a consequence. The consequence for neglecting Godís proposal or for rejecting it all together is an alternative no one in his or her right mind wants. Simply put, without an agreement with God you have no arrangement or hope to escape eternal damnation.

The irony is that those who reject Godís proposal are among those who focus on obtaining things for their own comfort. Those who are focused on the things of this world usually consider Godís plan of salvation to be foolishness and have reasons of their own why they are worthy of eternal life. However, the entire world is Godís possession and his to do with it as he pleases. For this reason what you think you have belongs to God and will be taken from you. So nothing will be left for you to exchange for your life.  

The answer to life lies in the gospel where Jesus Christ died on the cross of Calvary paying for our sin. With his blood Jesus Christ bought your soul and made it possible for you to have eternal life.  Because Christ was without sin God raised him from the grave and therefore, Jesus Christ became the resurrection the way and the life and in the near future, we will be raised in Christ to the glory of God. Jesus Christ described eternal life in this manner.

    The evidence of knowing God is the confident foreknowledge of going to heaven and knowing that God has answered our prayers. Being reverent of God Christians are comfortable in his presence knowing that their sin have been forgiven and forgotten by a gracious and loving father. The outcome is seeing the love of God permeating from the life of the believer so that the world may taste the love of Christ and then seek God for them selves.  


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