Seeking God By Faith

Itís been about two thousand years since God introduced his Son in the form of human being and walked among us. Itís easily to say that his birth did not meet the standards that a person of noble birth would expect or even desire.  However, being born in a stable was part of the plan that placed him in a lowly estate among his chosen people.  There was no glow about his form, nothing out of the ordinary that would suggest he was anything but a newborn baby.   

Christís birth was foretold centuries before Mary was found with child. Even then he was not conceived through the human means. Being the Lordís servant Mary said, may it be according to thy word.  The power of the most high overshadowed a Mary, who was a virgin who had never known a man. Because of her obedience a child was born and was rightfully called the Son of God.    

Genealogies ordinarily donít thrill me but the genealogy of Joseph according to Matthew shows that he was the son of David, but Luke shows Maryís lineage through David back to Adam the Son of God.   Jesus was a descendant and the promised heir to Davidís throne and would also be the King whose kingdom would never end. At the same time, the lineage of Mary went back to God who created man. This knowledge tells us that Jesus was the promised heir to the throne and Godís only Son, who was both God and man in human flesh.

However, even though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him. He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. Before Nathaniel came to know Christ, he said, can anything good come from Nazareth.

When Jesus was born the headquarters for the Roman occupational forces was located at Jerusalem along with the Temple built primarily for the worship of Israelís God. Now Nazareth was an insignificant village about a hundred miles to the north of Jerusalem away from the mainstream of Israelite society. There he was raised out of the publicís eye and received no notoriety. However, while growing up he experienced the burdens and afflictions of his fellow man.

What this meant was that Jesus was just one of many Israelites that lived under the mercy of the upper and ruling class, a similar plight that all citizens have under the authority of men. If he were alive today under the same conditions Jesus would be a statistic among the demographics of human society. In other words no one of any importance, just a number that comprised the population data of Israel.

We may ask how could anyone without a formal education, who originating from the lower class of people, without pedigree or the influence of fame affected a complete change in the history of mankind?   Like Pilate way too many people have asked the question, Are you the king of the Jews?  Or like Thomas who said

Among the majority of people there is some doubt to the claims made by Jesus were valid, even when God accredited him with signs and wonders. Hebrews 11:6 tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God and God sent his Son into the world to those who would believe so they would not perish with those who would not accept him.

Being men of faith the magi followed the star in the east, which led them to the Messiah.  They brought gifts of gold, incense and of myrrh and after seeing a vision went home by another route. Shepherds were watching over their flocks just out side the city of Bethlehem when suddenly angelic host lit up the skies along with a thundering fanfare of trumpet blasts. They announced that Israelís king, the savior of mankind had been born and that he would be found in a manger.  Desiring to see this wonderful sight they began to seek. Do not the scriptures say?

Like the Magi better know as wise men and the shepherds had the desire to seek the newborn king. Both the Magi and the shepherds found the lord by using their faith and upon arriving they worshipped the Savior.   God has always said,

The Angels also proclaimed to the shepherds and to men they said,

If there were ever a Christmas message it would easily be this.  Godís grace is available to all but Godís favor is given to those that he so chooses. Its the Men and women, who exercise their faith Ė seek and accept Jesus Christ as Lord that will receive Godís unmerited favor.


Merry Christmas and may God bless you throughout the New Year!



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