Without Concern

For the most part those who live in the earthly realm are unaware that God gave warnings about how they live. Most ignore his sovereign right to rule over his creation and they refuse to reform their lives to the life God meant for them to live. What this means God expects mankind to reform their character to one God can accept with an example in the person of his son.

God has left road signs behind yet they are not found by the streets we follow in this life. The bible tells us His word is a light unto my path; the problem is the people of the world are not looking to the light God has given to them. Most understand that the bible is the instructions God has inspired to mankind.  Still everyone lives as they see fit and often knows more about life than they should and then attempts to assemble their lives without reading the instructions God has given mankind.

God says there is a new life in our future through a choice to let God know we want eternal life. We have gotten comfortable with our old way of living but God wants us to put it aside to take on the new nature that God can accept. It requires we do something to rid our lives of the evil and agree to change to do things that improve life that agrees with our fatherís way.

How you present yourself to God will determine whether God will accept you. To your surprise God may say I donít know you and you are not presentable to me because you have not cleaned up your act. Without knowing what God expects you can be banned from his kingdom.  The bible says my people are destroyed for lacking knowledge; as an example in this life what you donít know is major cause to failure.

Then again are you listening when God calls on you? Most of mankind is too concerned with the deceitfulness of money that actually drowns them with concern and worry.

 What they donít is that the answer lies on the shelf collecting dust. Their minds are uneasy with apprehension wondering how to make it from one paycheck to another.

Seeking God first makes the concern over time and money disappears and lets God supply all your needs. God is blessed when he can provide the things you need. God says to do unto others as you would have them do to you. Remember there is only one thing that impresses God and is blessed to reward you when you obey him. 

On the other hand, God is the father of mankind who corrects his children to obey him. Some of his children respond to his correction but there are others who no matter what he tells them; all of his instructions go in one ear and out the other. Anything God says goes unheeded until God sends a trial that overwhelms their life.

You can guarantee that any trial coming from God has your best interest in mind. God has a purpose for giving the trial he sends your way and has the solution that brings you back in proper relation with him.  The person suffering under the trial sent by God has to determine whether it is good to heed or ignore Godís discipline.  If Godís discipline goes unheeded he guarantees more trials in your future to gain your attention and obtain your obedience.

Unfortunately, there are no warnings strong enough to let you know your eternal destination without knowing God. The thought of Heaven and Hell are deeply embedded in our minds but those thoughts will not be realized until we enter Godís realm of existence. The choice to love and obey God leads to Godís eternal home but the choice to ignore God all together is a path leading to eternal torment.

God rewards you according to the choices you make in life. Ignoring your earthly fatherís instructions was always your source of punishment and it is no different with your heavenly father. When you disregard his commands overtime he comes to a point where God determines enough I enough the consequences of your actions well be extremely severe.

Hardening of the heart is deadly as it prevents the mind from understanding what can be perceived. Our mind is an integral part of life as it uses knowledge to navigate this world. The advantage of knowledge has the wisdom to preserve the life of its possessor.

Men continue to live as they see fit even though they do not make an effort to know their creator. How can anyone say they have no need for God when he supplies the air they breathe? How can anyone say they are a moral person but fail to show respect for God. Man has reasons for not knowing God but on judgment day no reason will be justified in Godís eyes.

Yes, I tell you, revere him for God deserves to be honored with your love and respect. Every man will have to give account to him who is ready to judge the living and the dead (1 Peter 4:5). To know God the father and Son is eternal life but in knowing him you will love and respect with your entire being. December 9 2015

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