Why Pray

We can come up with all kinds of reasons why our prayers do not appear to be answered. We can find reasons that are both sound logical and scriptural. Sometimes those reasons donít seem to fit our lives so we look further. In a lot of ways when we look we become judges in the effort to find fault.

Godís judgment is diametrically opposed to our way of thinking that wants to point fingers, find fault and demonstrate doubt. We want to point fingers at the culprit but we donít want to point the finger at the biggest offender which doesnít want to be in the wrong. In other words we want to place the blame on something else rather than in our own court where it really belongs.

In most cases we are the guilty party that always swears total innocence even when the evidence is overwhelming. It is like we are constantly in self-denial. The age old fact is everyone does what is right in their own eyes and we donít feel we have to justify our actions.

In the long run we are motivated by success we try to find where the fault lies and the right way to do things the next time.  When it is all said and done we place the blame where it really doesnít belong.

Well that is not the reason we havenít seen our answer. You see we can come up with excuses that place the blame on our heavenly father too. On the other hand we can pray longer, louder, cry with tears, express our feelings to convince our father to we get what we want. However in our soul searching, is our heart sincerely moved to serve the needs of our heavenly father?

We could look at how our children express their wants and needs when at the store. Examine the antics they go through to convince you of their need. Most of the time they donít have a reason for what they want - they just want. As an adult Christian we pray for the needs of others because we have been taught that is what we are supposed to do. However do we put our heart and soul into our request as our children manage to do at the store?

 When prayer is reduced to bare facts we must ask what the purpose of prayer is. Why pray at all when God knows what we are in need of? However to some prayer is the only means to obtain their needs not to talk to our heavenly father who wants to know he is loved. Like the child in the store we ask because we want from our source of things but as parents we supply our children what they need.

The basic elements or essentials of prayer can be reduced to the priority of recognizing who we are compared to a sovereign and holy God.  Prayer is the builder of a relationship between you and God rooted in love through faith.  At the same time prayer strengthens your inner being to know the fullness and depth of Godís love.

Our hope is rooted in the desire to know God through a relationship developed within the exchange of thoughts. Although God has not been seen, prayer is talking to God that you believe exists which also includes listening to what he says.

Listening to God is the way we absorb the scriptures which are the expressed thoughts of God through inspiration. The knowledge we obtain about God is what we build our relationship with God on. Still it takes time to gain knowledge about God just as it takes time to gather fuel to keep the home fires burning.

By the same token the home fires must be continually stoked for the flames to burst through the ashes. The closer you walk with God the more intense our prayers become.

Do we boldly approach prayer with the idea that God will give what you ask for?

We teach our children to thank the person who gives our child a stick of gum. God knows how to give good gifts but have we learned to be polite enough to show appreciation for the gifts God graciously gives. At the same time shouldnít we thank God for what we expect from him?

God answers long prayers as well as short ones. However prayers can become generic or a ritual and there are times we might as well say ďHeavenly father Ė ditto Ė amenĒ. In other words prayer can be  going through the motions without getting personally being involved in the solution.

Again look to your children and ask do they show their emotions when asking for what they want? Do they jump up and down pull on your hand to keep your attention? These antics are what they do to convince you of their need. Do you try to influence God of what you need?

As a teacher I make the attempt to understand what was written for my instruction. To do that I have to put his word into my own words so there is an agreement. When I agree with God I can understand what God has said. In this arrangement I use prayer to ask questions and receive answers. It is the two way conversation all of us need to establish a personal relationship with our creator and heavenly father. In this manner I am able to test and approve the will of God.

Prayer is talking to God has a personal benefit. Answered prayer is the guarantee that God knows you.

Prayer also demonstrates your genuine desire and commitment to serve an awesome God for as long as you live. It is also a means to become the kind of worshipers the Father seeks that worships the father in spirit and truth. 11302016


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