When You See

ďWhen you seeĒ is a phrase seen within the signs of the end times as predicted by Jesus Christ. The bible reveals that when you see these things happening, you know that the kingdom of God is near (Matthew 24:33, Mark 13:29,  Luke 21:31). We have alsobeen told not to let any man deceive you and to expect certain events to occur before Jesus comes for his elect.

I have to admit that I do not completely understand Godís plan to harvest the earth of human beings. What Iíve seen is the farmer harvesting his wheat field reaps from corner to corner leaving very little behind. At the same time we must realize that some of the crop is suitable to sell and some devalues what is being sold. The parables of Christ show us that the weeds of his harvest will be sorted out and burned because some of the crop is usable and some not.

The word of God is an open book with very little to hide, some make an effort to take Godís word to heart and some do not. Some interpret a rapture of the church and some do not. God has revealed his plan to harvest the earth and I believe that God will bring Jesus Christ with him exactly the way he inspired the second Coming to occur. God says that every word he inspired will come to pass and he is able to do everything he has promised as written.

We can expect everything prophesied through the prophets to happen as God promised.  From what I have read the majority of the inspired predictions are easy to understand and in plain language. Assembling them in a concise order may be difficult without considerable thought and time.

We need to consider that the word of God hasnít changed and the events God inspired will come to pass regardless of menís opinion. Some of the predicted events are not favorable to the person whose back is turned towards the Lord. The majority of Christians are not looking forward to those days because of how it affects them. Itís also possible that certain doctrines are presented as truth that tells you that you will be with the Lord when that happens. To put it bluntly they are telling you what you want to hear 2 Timothy 4:3.

When prominent men proclaiming Godís word say the rapture is different from the second coming or is not the second coming there is something wrong Isaiah 55:11. God says his word will achieve the purposes for which he sent it.  God has given every saint the responsibility of searching the scriptures to know that what they hear agrees with the word of God. The purpose for testing what you hear against the word of God is to acquire wisdom and a disciplined and prudent life Proverbs 1:3.

What people understand about the rapture must come under scrutiny. In Hebrews 9:28 the bible says that Christ will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him. 

The words ďWhen You SeeĒ indicate that you and those of us still on earth will perceive certain events with our physical senses.

The bible says you will see it, but remember this; the temple at Jerusalem was destroyed in 70AD. Therefore logic dictates that the temple must be rebuilt for the man of lawlessness to stand in the Holy Place.  Plans are presently being made to rebuild the Temple of God at Jerusalem adjacent to the dome of the rock.

The common opinion is when the construction starts you can guarantee that every Moslem around the world will rise up to cry Jahad. Yet any Holy war will demand a charismatic leader to organize the Moslem world into an effective force.

The bible tells us that you will see him coming in the clouds of glory.

There is ample evidence in the bible plainly stating that Jesus Christ will return a second time and that you will see it happen. The term rapture is used frequently from the pulpit to describe the return of Christ. The first words that Christ used to describe his return were to see that no one deceives you Matthew 24:4. You have the word of truth at your disposal so see to it that no one causes you to believe what is not true.

The word when you see does not depend what you hear and believe but on the word of God. When you see all this happen you may be dismayed because you may not see what you were taught to believe.

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