What are Friends for?

Don't they....

A- Accept you as you are

B- Believe in you

C- Call you to say Hi

D- Do things for you

E- Envision you as a person

F- Forgive you when you need it

G- Give you his time

H- Help you many times

I- Invite you to join him

J- Just want to be with you

K- Keep you close to their heart

L-Love you as you are

M- Make a difference in your life

N- Never Judges you

O- Offer you support

P- Pick you up

Q- Quiet your fears

R- Raise your spirits

S- Speak well of you

T- Tell you the truth even when you need to hear it

U- Understand you

V- Value you

W- Work his way into your heart

X- X-plain things you don't understand

Y- Yields when you talk to much and

Z- Zap you back to existence.


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