Walk As Jesus Did

How does anyone walk as Jesus did unless we have walked by his side, seen his face, heard his voice, shook his hand and smelled the fragrance of his person. Most Christians have had a close encounter and been intimate with our Lord, but do we know how Jesus walked without having walked a mile with him?(1 John 1:1)

Christís disciples walked beside him and saw Christís demeanor which had a strong impact on their lives. They became his students through association and a method of ďon the job training.Ē Jesus taught them this principle;

It is quite evident from what we read in the bible that his disciples did not understand what Jesus taught at the time he was teaching them the principles of God. Mankind has not changed while their eyes are open to what he has done it is still a mystery to most Christians because they do not make the effort to understand through meditation the reasons why Jesus did things in a certain way.

Most of only have a mental picture of how Jesus walked. But do you have the understanding that anyone who has faith in Christ will do what Christ did through the spirit? With understanding and practice you will do what Christ did because are we capable of doing even greater things through Christ.  

Most Christians are walking with Christ but not as Jesus walked. Do we need to ask God about the works he prepared for us in advance to accomplish? All things are possible to God and the things God prepared for us to do in our life time could very well be greater than the things Jesus did.

Could it be that those things Jesus has done through us will be greater in our mind because Jesus really works through us?

We cannot conceive what God can do through us because for the most part we are not allowing God to work through us because of our timidity. God said things the disciples did not understand and to some degree we are like them in we do not understand the principles God lives by. Is it possible that Christís ways are clouded by human methods man has built his trust upon?

 Men are accustomed to trust in the way this realm works and like Peter they would sink rather than walk on water. Yet as long as Peter put his trust in Jesus he walked on water. Our faith in Christ is so fragile that most anything can disrupt and change our faith to sight. For the most part the Christian depends on what we perceive through our senses rather than on what we believe.

Jesus said anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. At the same time how do we understand the acts of Jesus and what he taught unless we consider his words seriously and take them to heart. All things are possible to God when we are united with Jesus in mind and deed.

To understand Jesus we have to put a number of verses in context. First we should understand that Jesus was sent by the authority of God to accomplish his will.

At the same time Jesus made it clear that he did not come and accomplish anything apart from the father but as if one person the Father was fully engaged in working with Jesus.  Itís clear Jesus was completely committed to do the will of God.

Jesus was sent by the father; gave his complete devotion to the father which empowered him to suffer and die while bringing salvation to the world. God also honored Christ with a kingdom as prophesied in the Old Testament.

Psalms 2:6 came to pass.

After the resurrection, Jesus Christ returned as King of Kings and Lord of Lords and said;

We should consider that Jesus also became the new High Priest the man who would mediate between God and mankind

With the change in High Priesthood the access to God changed. No one comes to the father except through the anointed one and High Priest known as Jesus Christ.

We are those who through the righteousness of God have received a precious gift of faith in Jesus Christ.

Our faith cannot be limited to a single person of God but our faith should be consistent with the new Covenant where Jesus is the mediator. Have we forgotten why God sent his son?

Do we have the deep rooted faith in Jesus equal to the complete confidence Jesus had in his heavenly father?  To believe in Jesus is to believe in the Father who is united with Jesus. Jesus said trust in God; trust also in me (John 14:1).

Do we have the faith to do greater things than Christ did? We can do greater things because Christ returned to the father and to his former glory. As the one person with the authority given to him by the father Jesus made a promise that he would do whatever we ask in his name. Jesus knew that premise and used it to bring glory to God.

The bible also says greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. But the bible also says;

The most powerful being in the universe is living in you but are you preventing him through timidity from doing his work. I think all of us are timid to some degree and we hesitate to do what Jesus did or what he asked us to do. The reason is the world we have experienced during our lifetime contradicts the beliefs Christ instills in us and it is a struggle to decide which premise to act on.

Itís not mind over matter but faith over sight. We are so used to how this life works that it contradicts the laws of the spirit. What we want to do we donít do because we cannot do the impossible in our power. It is the struggle every Christian has, however faith changes with practice. By doing the works God has prepared for us to do our faith in God changes into sight.

 As the father performed miracles through Jesus Christ, Jesus wants to do miracles through you but you must walk as boldly as Christ did. Seeing the works God has prepared for us to do come to pass changes our attitude towards the Christ like life. God has commanded us to be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:9.) That translates to be strong in our faith and courageous in our actions.  Timidity and being hesitant can be overcome with the victory Jesus Christ gives. It is the success through Christ that gives you the ability to be a bold representative of Jesus Christ. 6/28/2016

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