Vindicated By The Spirit

Conceived through the Holy Spirit; born of a woman, in the appearance of a child, Jesus appeared to mankind in the body of a human being and was announced by a host of angels saying peace to men.  Yet to those who live by sight he was an ordinary toddler of no significance. Even though there was nothing special about him Ė Angels told his mother of human descent only  a small part of Godís plan for his life.

Unlike other children the attitude of Jesus who, was by nature God became the humble servant who obediently served God even when it meant his death on the cross. His attitude towards life was sacrifice and offering you did not desire, but a body you prepared for me. In this respect Jesus offered his body as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God demonstrating the mercy of God.

 Jesus did not come in the fashion that the builders thought he would but believed the Messiah would come as king of Israel delivering them from cruelty of human oppressors. In their minds Christ would be the deliverer of Israel from Roman tyranny and persecution. Instead Christ would set them free from a greater threat not of human origin but from the spirit realm that enslaved them.

The builders themselves were enslaved by demonic spirits who set their minds on the goal of destroying the kingdom of God.  Without their knowledge the rulers of Israel were incited to become the instruments used to accomplish the destruction of Godís kingdom. Though incited with jealousy their plots and schemes against Jesus came to nothing as God foiled their plots by justifying his Christ in the eyes of men.

God made Christ credible to the world authenticating him through the truth; signs and miracles performed through Jesus. Jesus openly confessed that the miracles were the work of the father done through the spirit of God living in him. By the same token it is the power of the same spirit that lives in and works through his disciples. Through the spirit abiding power he has made his disciples witnesses of Christ; his life, truth and purpose.

Those who read the bible understand the importance of the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the significance of preaching the good news about the saving grace God bestowed on mankind. Those who accept Jesus Christ and his gospel will see the glory of God but those who reject the gospel of Christ will see and experience the torment God promised to the wicked. Even wicked angels believe and shudder at the promise and knowledge of hellís torment.

John 3:16 is a familiar passage given to the world that contains the expressed gospel foundation within it. This verse expresses the importance of believing in the in the Son of God. Those who believe will have eternal life but those who do not believe in the Son will perish. God has made extraordinary efforts to make this truth self-evident to every person in the world so no one has an excuse.

Letís consider that the importance God the father played in Christís life. In his early teens Jesus was found in his fatherís temple saying I must be about my fatherís business. His life was devoted to his father to the point he said not my will but thy will be done.  

Jesus always did what pleased the Father and his prayers were heard because of his humble obedience. He suffered at the hands of the wicked and became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him. He taught his disciples that they too would be troubled and persecuted. Then encouraged his disciples by saying take heart I have overcome the world.

You also can overcome the world through the blood of Christ; his indwelling spirit and your testimony.  Since your testimony is a direct outcome of what God has done for you. Again we understand that his indwelling spirit is greater than all the trouble, trials and tribulation that come from the world. Ultimately the reason why we can overcome the world is the overcoming source of strength living in you that you need is Jesus.

Jesus is the central figure of the bible and the church. He is the High Priest chosen by the father to intercede between man and God. Jesus demonstrated the fundamental truth of God and the reward of knowing God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ is eternal life. For this reason Jesus spent his time revealing the father to his disciples who in turn revealed God to us through the scriptures.

Through the scriptures we learn that God does not want anyone to perish but they will if they do not repent. What is more thought-provoking God is devoting his time and effort to ensure you will spend eternity with him in Heaven. Just as Jesus submitted to his fatherís authority so should you as Godís children.

Jesus was justified by a gracious father and God and was given a seat at the right hand of God. Jesus ascended to glory after successfully completing his mission of reconciling man to God.  Yet Jesus has another task to accomplish when the time appointed by the father has arrived. Jesus is charged with sending out his angels to gather those chosen by God. His children will be caught up together in the clouds to meet the Lord in the heaven or heavens. There we will remain with the Lord forever.

 There is no end of speculation as to what heaven will be like. What is certain is God will be there as our father and heaven will be our home forever. There we will see God and appear in his glory and likeness. 11302016

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