Turn and Be Healed

  Have you ever noticed that there are people who never argue religion or politics? Apparently these subjects are discussed without agreement and stir up ill feelings as people are emotional on both subjects.   However when it comes to listening to the gospel message people run from it, they make every attempt to avoid it or they are just not interested.

However when it comes to listening to the gospel message people run from it, they make every attempt to avoid it or they are just not interested.

This fact makes it difficult for the Christian to go into the world to teach what Jesus Christ commanded us to do. Testifying is difficult when the person you are speaking to changes the subject or tells you they have other things to do. It becomes disheartening to the point you stop trying to bring in the sheep. On the other hand God has commanded us not to be discouraged which makes us take the gospel to people who donít want the listen to reason.  Why are people afraid of hearing the gospel when its news is very beneficial to the rest of your life?

How do we take the gospel to the world corrupted by its evil desires? Secondly how do we take the gospel to people whose minds are as hard as a stone? How do we take the gospel to people whose eyes are blinded as if covered by a veil and cannot see the truth of the gospel?

Everyone has eyes to see and ears to hear so they may perceive however not everyone makes an effort to understand what their senses tell them.

While they may hear the word they do not consider what they heard to hang on to it or prevent it from being stolen. The benefit from considering Godís word is in grasping the truth, finding its merit, and assessing the value of what God said to you personally. In other words what do I get out of it?

    Others, like seed sown on rocky places, hear the word and at once receive it with joy. Mark 4:16

Great stuff but the world beats you to smithereens when you try to apply it. Because of the persecution from Satan, people fall away and Godís word is of no benefit. Since their heart has so many stones it lacks room in their heart for Godís word to take root.

Another group of people hear the word but are more concerned with getting ahead in this world.  The desire for wealth and luxuries stifle the truth of Godís word. The god of this world makes sure their desire to live in a godly fashion is directed to his benefit.

Some Christians hear the word but do not produce a crop of righteousness God desires for the lack of effort. It is those who delight in the truth and can grasp its importance that nurtures and produces the life God wants.

The person who makes the effort to see and hear knows how to perceive the gospel. The person who considers Godís word carefully will gain the knowledge to live a life acceptable to God. On the other hand the heart that is hardened by this world prevents you from understanding Godís reasoning and intent. We need to think things through as God removes the heart of stone and gives you a heart of flesh when you accept Jesus into your life. God also promised you will not be alone when you serve him.

God makes the difference so that you hear and understand his word and the principles he lives by. Your experiences will tell you that you will not steer your children to sin against you neither will your heavenly Father. However your children will not listen to you until they have been disciplined to know what to expect of you. By the same token you may never listen to your heavenly father until he disciplines you to know what he expects of you.

Perceiving is becoming aware through the senses of sight or hearing especially to achieve understanding. Knowing what God expects of you demands that you train the eyes and ears God have given you to recognize his principles and wisdom. Behind the scenes of the world system Godís principles are at work and it takes the imparted wisdom of God to see it in action. Yet to perceive Godís wisdom we have to compare Godís word with the worlds system. Deep in the ugly world system God principles are at work but you must make an effort to look for them.

Christ took examples from the lives of his audience to explain Godís message. He used the knowledge people had as a reference to compare Godís principles to. These examples produced a believable picture in the peopleís mind so they could grasp the principles of God. This method made the gospel of God both practical and acceptable to those who followed the teachings of Jesus Christ. Most Christians can identify with this principle.

When we testify do we trust God for the examples we need? Are our ears attentive to the wisdom of God and are we willing to respond accordingly? Are we doing our thing to win souls? Are we expressing our love for God or are we expressing Godís love to those who are perishing? It is Godís will that they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts, and turn and be healed. July 2015

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