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If you have read any of godlythinking articles you will probably understand that thinkgodly has a difficult time approving theology that strays from the bible.  The problem has a lot to do with the studies I have made learn how I handle the word of God. Every Christian has a number hats to fill such as the ambassador of God, a teacher, and Laymen, each are responsible for handling the word of God correctly. The word of God is often called a sword of the Spirit and if we are to handle this sword we must get a good strong grasp on its hilt.

While leading Christian theologians with good intentions develop theological terms, thinkgodly finds some to be misleading. Still the problem may be more a choice of words than anything else may for no two people say the same things in the same way. Still the terms God has used hasnít changed over time but theological terms have. Unfortunately there are Christians coining new theological terms that reveal things that God has not committed himself to do.

For example, there are no references to tribulation period and a pre-tribulation rapture to be found in Godís word. The problem is that the average Christian is more fluent in the theology of the tribulation period and pre-tribulation rapture than they are in what the bible actually says about the end times. The knowledge Christians have about the tribulation period and the rapture is primarily the opinions of man. The reason being, if God said nothing about the tribulation period and the rapture in his word, how do we come up with that interpretation or have the faintest clue to define either one clearly?

The Christian needs to understand that the opinions of men are easier to grasp and change than the facts God expressed in his word. The outcome is confusion and disagreement over what God expressed. Subsequently, the majority of theology refers to the Second Coming with at least two different stages. One man proclaiming that Jesus will definitely come before, another man claims during and yet another man claims after the tribulation period with separate resurrections for those in Christ and the dead. Most of these views have a favorable prediction for the elect.

Currently the theology of the pre-tribulation rapture incorporates the idea that they wonít have to face the beast or be subject to the hideous things Satan will do to the saints. However Daniel and revelation plainly says.  

And again Revelation says

Has God changed his plan? Revelation speaks of the souls of men that have been beheaded beneath the throne of God, is there any truth to it? The Internet reports that over 5,000 men and women have been beheaded in the last five years. During the war with Al qaeda and the Taliban sects of Islam, Islamic militants desired to rid their nation of foreign influence, they have beheaded five Americans. The idea is not a new revelation from God, but the bible speaks about the prophetic events that are unfolding before our eyes as we speak.

Another problem with theology is the preacher preaches what he believes. The pastor is a man like us and uses certain tools that can make his study go faster.  To present a number of sermons on various topics most preachers use commentaries to make their discource more informative to his conregation.   Commentaries are the opinions of other godly men and like everything else must be brought into captivity of Christ.  Unfortunately many preachers do not check his spoken words so they may line up with the word of God.

Christians do not want to go through persecution or be put to death due to their faith in Jesus Christ. They want assurance that they will be taken out of the world before Satan makes his debut and attempts to steal, kill and destroy the earthly kingdom of God. The ears of Christians prefer to believe that they will escape all the violence involved with Satan during the end times.

Jesus Christ had a favorite phrase he used to point out the hearing habits of men.

When you think about this phrase, you may think that everyone has ears but less than one percent are deaf. Yet everyone hears what they want to hear. Jesus taught the secrets of the kingdom in parables so the world would hear the them but not understand what they heard. In this way they would

On the other hand, following the deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt, the people gathered around the base of Mount Sinai to hear the commandments of the Lord. The awesome event instilled Israelites with the fear of God and going to Moses they said.

The Holy Spirit spoke about this incident in this way.

Man has selective hearing and listens as if his home was against a busy highway and for that reason he pays no attention to the passing cars. He doesnít consider that there are people in those cars going places to do things they need done. Who they are and what they are doing doesnít affect their lives first hand. The point is we are in a habit of shutting the world off when our interests are on things we want to do.

However, there are things in life that capture the fascination of our heart and being, those things compel us to know all there is to know about it. Nothing gets in the way of reading books, going to seminars, and watching movies on the subject.  On the other hand, reading and study of the bible is foolishness to the people who do not take Godís word to heart. They do not understand that

The food the earth produces sustains the flesh of man but his flesh will not inherit the kingdom of God. God is concerned with the spirit that occupies the flesh and whether the spiritual ears hear and then take every word of God to heart. Man can not fathom that when  the flesh of man is spent belongs to the world but the spirit of man will dwell in the spirit realm forever.  

Even the spiritual man can be inside the church walls and be like those who live next to the highway. And although they hear the word of God it goes in one ear and out the other without a stop sign or anything else that enables you to hear and take the word of God to heart. The serious Christian needs to,

We also need to consider our relationship with God is on a personal level so we need to spend time with him. Just as we ask our friends for the straight scoop about matters concerning them, we should ask the same with God. Asking God pertinent questions regarding Mark 4:24 can be a way to begin. A good question would be what do you mean by carefully considering what you hear?

Asking questions like what do you mean will show God an interest and desire to learn about him.

You may feel stupid for the questions you ask but if you don't know the answers the question is not pointless. The next step takes you to the concordance to search key words such as hear, hearing and heard. You may also want to consider searching for listen and listening. Jesus said,

 God will answer your question in time. Once you have found the answers you are looking for take time to consider them. See how they relate to each other and you will find the secrets of the kingdom of God.

The same is true about theology, but we need to consider theology as if it were the opinion of men. In presenting the theology of thinkgodly it is our policy to load its pages with supporting scripture to enable you to follow along so you can reprove. But it is still your responsibility to take every thought thinkgodly presents into captivity so you may justify what we have written in your own mind.   

Thinkgodly is far from being perfect and we do not claim to know everything. It is our goal to give the readers of this web site information about God to ponder. At the same time our hope is that you develop a closer walk with God.  




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