The Cherished Gift

There are not too many individuals with graying hair who have received gifts that were put aside and went unused. While they thank the givers for the thought, they had no use for the gift and put the gift in the closet where they were soon forgotten. Such was the case when I took care of my father before he past away. Within his possessions I found several unwrapped gifts in the factory wrapping that were new, but not old enough to take to the antique road show. It was also surprising while these gifts went unused he was comfortable wearing clothing he used before retiring over thirty years ago.

I have to admit that some of the gifts my father had were shirts I wouldn’t be caught dead in and I imagine my father felt the same way. However, there was one gift my father never put on the shelf and he used every day of his life as far back as I can remember. This gift was a special gift, given by the creator of life and father of mankind.

What was so special about this gift was the nature of the gift. This gift was formally seated beside the throne of God in glory. However, to appreciate this gift you would have to understand that the person seated at the right side of glory had to lower himself to that of a servant. You see, he came as a servant of God to free my father from his sin and to reconcile him to God.

This gift was special in another way because he was born of a virgin, the first born of God. Jesus Christ came in a special way to my father, but almost everyone has put him away in the closet or on a shelf. For most of his life my father was an avid Christian, being a founding member of his local Church and board member for more than thirty years. During that time he saw many pastoral changes and saw the attendance of his church rise from 8 members to 150 and back down to 8.

Still my father wanted Jesus Christ and refused to let go of the gift of life. In his final years, after his second wife had died, dementia took control of his mind. There were days when I visited him in the nursing home, that he looked at me as if I was a stranger. The doctors told me that he could not comprehend anything he read, but there he was sitting in his favorite armchair, sleeping as usual. His legs were crossed, and across his knee was his old Bible worn out from use that remember from childhood laying open. Though he could not comprehend anything he read he was still seeking the face of his Savior.

You see, my father refused to let go of his gift from God. I saw with my own eyes that Jesus Christ was deeply engrained into his life and that he continued to seek the gift his father gave him at an early age. My father’s example has been something hard to talk about. However, there is something we should be asking. What was it that drew my father to his worn out Bible when he could no longer comprehend what he was reading? It wasn’t the pages of the Bible that was drawing my father, It had to be Jesus Christ his life long friend that was calling him.




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