Test all Things

The God I know deals with mankind primarily through love, faith and the covenants he made with mankind. The problem is that mankind is unfaithful to their part of the covenants and went astray frequently. Thus is the character mankind throughout the history Old Testament. On the other hand the character of God is that he does not change.

I do not pretend to understand Dispensationalism as this doctrine  tells me that allegedly the divine ordering of worldly affairs has changed several times since creation. From what I have found the doctrine of dispensation is better understood with the help of commentaries. The reason is I would not know what dispensationalism was without Godly men commenting on what Dispensationalism is.  I consider commentaries to be the opinions of men and the comments of man can be wrong as thus far I have more opinions than fact.

Did God change his character and the way he dispenses his grace? Or did God find fault with mankind when mankind repeatedly lived as they saw fit and became less and less faithful and dependent on God. Personally I think that God works with mankind as mankind allows God to work with them. However mankind continues to be unfaithful to every covenant God has introduced to this day. Ultimately Israelís stubbornness and unfaithfulness led to their downfall. God dealt with mankind through an unchanging discipline to bring mankind back into a covenant relationship.

Why do these ages of dispensation coincide with God disciplining mankind? It makes more sense when you realize God maintains his relationship with mankind through covenants that keeps the goals of his plans intact. These covenants support the plan God has to build a kingdom from mankind through faith and the belief that God keeps his promises.  Have we considered the sin nature overwhelmed Israelís abilities to keep Godís divine decrees?

In the beginning God gave dominion to mankind. Is it possible that God allowed mankind to govern their lives by his own reasoning power? Wasnít Israelís reasoning why they rejected the way of God to worship other godís. These gods did not demand that Israel make amends for sin but allowed physical acts of penance. Therefore God made every effort to persuade mankind they were better off obeying God?

Mankind repeatedly did not remain faithful to Godís covenant and frequently turned away from serving their creator. For this reason God announced that he would make a new covenant removing the heart of stone and replacing it with a heart of flesh.

The appropriate penalty for taking life was a life for life. The act of sin separated us from God and destroyed our right to live under Godís provisions.   Jesus rescued us from the penalty of the law by exchanging his life for ours. Everything men call dispensationalism had but one purpose to present Godís plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. The one event that changed human history was the coming of Jesus Christ. Godís plan continued to proceed by way of his word leading us to a personal relationship with the Lamb of God.

God has always bestowed his love for mankind through grace. We need to study Godís word to who God is, to know what his needs are but not through the opinions of men. Even those who have the reputation of being godly are flawed and can be wrong.  To find out and know what pleases the Lord Ephesians 5:10 we are instructed to study the book of law and the word of God.

Letís consider God to be all powerful which includes his method of communicating his demands. His word does not leave you guessing but is both factual and straight forward. In addition his word tells you plainly how to please him. Yet to know God it is essential that you make a diligent effort to understand his word.

There are a number of doctrines taught straight out of commentaries and that was the one thing Jesus had to deal with. The Pharisees taught the absoluteness of the law due to what happened during the silent years of occupation but Jesus taught the spirit of the law combined with grace by faith.

The reasoning of mankind is what establishes the opinions of men. Mankind has not changed although the reasoning of godly man may sound logical but manís opinions have nullified the word of God.

For example based on Psalms 139:7-10 men reveal God as being Omnipresent yet God stated that he had cast Israel from his presence (Jeremiah 52:3). It is our responsibility not to trust in man (Isaiah 2:22)   but to Test everything. Hold on to the good (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

Men also represent God as being Omniscience so why did God say you are neither hot nor cold, why did God humble you and to test you in order to know what was in your heart (Deuteronomy 8:2) the only answer possible is he didnít know or wasnít sure of what to believe.

The doctrine of rapture stemmed out of a dream of Margret Macdonald and popularized by John Nelson Darby then gained further influence through the teaching of C.I.Solfield. Is it a solid doctrine when there is no supporting evidence or mention that Christ would return for his elect prior to the second coming. In addition the timing of the rapture is based on an event God has not spoken about and other poor interpretations (Amos 3:7). In testing all things why are we not asking why the rapture is described in commentaries but there is no reference pertaining to the rapture in the bible?

How can we be agreement with something not expressed by God? How can we confirm the truth of the doctrines taught by men? The opinions of man are often taught in the church but do the opinions of man agree with God? What are we putting our faith into?

Every unit of American currency has the words ďin God we trustĒ but the truth is we place trust in our love for money and the power our currency has.  Is there truth in this matter? 

Even the opinions of men donít agree however the truth is known when there is agreement with reality. Agreements with God require an action of deriving a mutual understanding and in keeping them. Godís word is definitive and absolute in truth. The opinions of men are not definitive and many of their opinions has never been proven to be true when compared to the word of truth. Therefore it is prudent to test all things as God is testing mankind to know the reality of what is in their heart. December 2 2015

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