In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth. It is a clear statement of truth that no one has been able to disprove. Yet men can distort the truth to prove their own beliefs of evolution. Men establish a truth of their own even though the truth established by God may be contrary to their own beliefs. Unfortunately when one truth is pitted against another truth it can be used a weapon that suppresses the real truth.

The Pharisees believed that a mere man could not be God. The disciples who followed Jesus believed that he was the Son of God. These two statements was a contradiction of beliefs. On one side it was the denial that God sent his one and only Son into the world to save it. On the other side the disciples were fully persuaded that Jesus was the Savior of the world. Perhaps both sides of this issue were presented in the scriptures so we may discern the truth for ourselves.

The Pharisees convened their court and took the testimony of men and run into a problem of testimonies that did not agree. The Pharisees did not subpoena the disciples and carefully selected the testimony to be presented to ensure a guilty verdict. Even when the facts of the matter were stacked in favor of a guilty verdict the conflicting testimonies created a stalemate.

The law demanded that no one could be convicted on the testimony of one person but to establish the truth required an agreement of two or three witnesses. It was not until Jesus testified that would see him coming seated at the right hand of the Mighty One that the court had the incriminating facts it wanted. The High priest said do we have any more need for witnesses? You have heard his blasphemy yourselves and the trial of Jesus was over for in their eyes Jesus was a blasphemer by his own words.

Hindsight proves that Jesus was the Son of God. However hindsight also proves the ideals mankind lives by hasnít changed since then. Truth is regularly exchanged for another truth that favors the beliefs of the majority. When truth is suppressed it is normally introduced by those in authority to survive the real truth that exposes their lifestyle.

Even Christians become the victims of the biblical scholars who develop the beliefs of the church. When the authorities of the church get behind and support the beliefs of biblical scholars, it soon becomes the doctrines of the church. Some doctrines are true and a few doctrines can be disproved by the scriptures and other doctrines can be proven or unproven by the nature of life which man lives in.

Biblical scholars have stated that water is triune in nature because water is seen as a solid, a liquid and a vapor. Apparently these scholars saw a way to prove their beliefs without understanding the science behind this truth. They saw water as a solid, a liquid and a vapor without realizing the only difference was due to the temperature.

What they may not have considered is that God created an environment with normal a temperature range for mankind. Ice is found in the Polar Regions of the earth but in the tropical regions Ice is put into what your drink. In the tropical regions water is always in the liquid state. Again the difference whether water is a solid or a liquid is due to the temperature.

Fog is a vapor and found where the water and soil temperature creates evaporation. Evaporation is a reaction when the water temperature is higher than the air temperature. The same condition is created when you boil water.

God created an environment for mankind with a normal temperature range. Therefore we may want to consider the effects of temperature on man since he is comprised mostly of water. The effects of extreme temperature are known to extinguish living beings.

Frozen water will return to a liquid state when thawed and the thawed state of water is a liquid. What about man, occasionally living people are frozen solid and death occurs. You cannot reinstate a frozen person to a living being by thawing them.

At the same time water when put to the fire will boil and create the vapor we call steam. What happens to man when he is caught in a burning building. He either is rescued with severe burns or suffocates in the fire. Those suffocated by fire cannot be resuscitated to life by returning to normal temperatures. At the same time fire causes dehydration and people die because their bodies lost water.  

The temperature of mankind is regulated by God to create optimal living conditions.  Man can be too hot or too cold and still be a living person however mankind will die when the conditions go to the extreme.

The bible has something interesting to say about mankind during the end times.

Within this passage we find the words seared by the intense heat. As strange as it seems seared is a cooking term. Cooking any kind of meat requires you to sear the outside of the meat to retain moisture or the juices of the meat. Most people love a juicy steak and prepare their meat accordingly so when eaten you have to use a napkin.

Those who survive fires are not completely dehydrated and may be the reason burns blister. We should consider the only people who were seared were those who refused to repent and glorify God. God is preparing them for eternal torment as those who have been burnt during their lifetime knows the pain associated with burns. Even sunburns are such that you stay out of the sun and want nothing touching their burns.

Yet searing those who refuse to repent may have another purpose. Searing meat seals in the juices of the meat and searing mankind before sending them to hell may keep the evil man a prisoner of his or her body. Because of searing the evil person will have no rest during his stay in hell.

On the other hand Christians suffer the heat of trials and temptations of life. These trails and temptations is the refining process of raw ore into usable metal by God. On the other hand there is another cooking term called resting the meat before serving. When these trials and temptations cease we will enter the rest of God and then serve him for the rest of eternity. This may be a play of words but true nevertheless.

Still, life is only a vapor which is seen today and gone tomorrow. The life God gave to mankind can be seen as being a twinkling of an eye for life in the overall picture of eternal life is so short. Still God has given what may seem to be a life time to choose our destiny. One person says life is over when you die another person says death is just a transition to eternal life with our creator.

No matter during our time on earth we have to discern the truth we live by. When the pros and cons of life are considered we will always choose what is best for us. What is known about hell makes the choice for life much easier for no one in their right mind would choose to be tortured for an eternity when they can enjoy life by serving their creator. 2/26/2014

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