Seed After Its Own Kind

Man does not think of himself as seed or the planting of the Lord but man was formed out of the dust of the earth and then God put him in the Garden of Eden. We may not understand why but in many ways the bible tells us about the seed principle. As a man of God we understand that the children we propagate is the only way that man bears seed after its own kind.  Yet God planted man in the Garden of Eden as seed to harvest at the end of the age.

As it turns out the seedtime and harvest is a basic principle to Godís overall plan for mankind. By the same token Jesus spoke about himself of being a kernel of wheat. He became the kernel that died on the cross of Calvary to produce a harvestable crop of Christlike men and women.

His death on the cross drew many to him asking for the forgiveness of sin that allowed them to become a child of God.  Jesus was the firstborn seed of all those born by the fatherís choice as the saints of God. Those who believe sprout and grow into the image and likeness of Christ and they too will produce additional seed after their own kind. Jesus said his seed would grow among the seed of another kind but both would be harvested at the same time.

Jesus is saying God will harvest the earth in the near future and man is the fruit of the earth. Itís no secret, God is building a kingdom of kings and priests and the future citizens of heaven will be filled by men and women found worthy of eternal life. Man may not think of himself as seed however God placed him in the Garden of Eden and as men we will produce both physical and spiritual seed after our own kind.

While itís not written in stone, the life we have here on earth is not only a testing ground but a place to mature for the coming age. God knew that mankind was determined to live life as he saw fit but his thoughts and ways were in opposition to the life God desired in his kingdom. To fulfill the needs of Godís kingdom God wants mankind to renew his mind so he may become the image and likeness of Christ.

By renewing our minds, we become able to test and approve Godís will to specifically learn how to live in the coming age. Once we learn to live according to the Spirit we begin to sow the seed for the kingdom of God. The question has been asked.

Your seed produce from your thoughts and actions should produce a harvest our Lord and Savior desires.  The bible reveals that we need to take part in the precious promises to avoid falling prey to the desires of our flesh.  If we are to plant our body as seed, our life must be sown to please our father in heaven.

God created Adam and Eve without sin.  Shouldnít God expect to harvest his fruit without sin? Everything God created was commanded to produce after its own kind. However, Adam sinned and God still wants his creation to escape the bondage of sin passed on to us through Adam.

The fall of mankind was a thoughtless act on the part of Adam and Eve But their act of disobedience created the seed of the sinful nature that man has to overcome. Thank God, God has a plan for mankind that will liberate him from sin. That plan requires for man to partner with God and work together taking part in Godís plan of salvation to reshape the way we think.

Since no sin will be tolerated in Heaven we must live our lives so we are found spotless, blameless and at peace with God on that day 2 Peter 3:14. Godís objective is to harvest mankind in the same condition as he created Adam Ė without sin.

To sin or not to sin is a choice that mankind makes every day of his life. Those who choose not to sin have to discipline their life to shun evil. When you think about what God expects of man God wants people who are willing to discipline their lives to love one another so they serve the best interest of God and his fellow man.

The only way you can discipline your life to avoid evil is to make Jesus Lord of your life.  When you love and obey Jesus Christ as Lord, God will empower you to live an upright life before him. In the same way knowing God the father and Jesus Christ is the way to eternal life John 17:3 for Jesus said, blessed are those who hear the word of God and obey it." Luke 11:28.

Look at your children and you will see something that resembles you and after a lifetime you will see the character you taught them. Devote your life to resemble Jesus Christ and your heavenly father will recognize your character and you as his son.

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