Same Sex Marriages

I once heard the excuse that if God had wanted men to fly he would have given them wings. If that reasoning was correct than it would be also correct to assume that if God wanted men to be gay resulting in same sex marriages he would have created a male companion for Adam. While men may question God's reasoning, the majority of human beings still refer to Gods creation to establish his or her sexual orientation. At the same time, those with same sex preferences came from parents of opposite sex as role models. No matter who you are, mankind has the experience from life and the guidance of God's law to define his or her sexual preference.

First and foremost, God is the designer and engineer that created man to function in an orderly manner. However, God designed all life within set of limits to include mates as counterparts. For example: A stalk of corn will not produce kernels on an ear of corn with without cross-pollination nor will the cow give birth to a calf without the bull. Every classification of life requires assistance from another of its own kind to reproduce. The purpose and forethought of God did not design his creation to be self-reliant at the individual level but to rely solely on God and his laws to function in cooperation and harmony with its own kind. Finally, God created the opposite sex for companionship as well as to have someone that would respond to you from a different perspective. He or she is the constant help you need to share your good and bad times, as you grow older together. Having someone to lean on or rely upon is a part of God's equation, just as man and wife think differently, so does God and man. Learning to think like your spouse gives you an idea of how they will respond to the things you do in life. Knowing how God will respond to you will help you to live in the orderly manner in God's design. 

When God created man, he examined the image he formed with his hands and saw that Adam was alone. God solved that problem by creating a counterpart for Adam. In this arrangement the male and female are equal as a unit that complements each other, where two mates are classified as man. Two unlike magnetic poles attract, so God placed Adam and Eve in a garden where Adam and Eve knew each other. The biblical account is as follows.

God saw that Adam was alone and his solution was to place Adam in a deep sleep, and then God removed a rib and some flesh from him to create a companion. The reality of this is that Eve was made from the same dust that Adam was formed from and they were a unit of flesh. God introduces Eve to Adam and Adam knew God had created Eve from the bone and flesh of his body. Let’s pay attention to what God said at this time. He said for this reason. Since Adam and Eve were an unit, their son would cling to a wife and they would become one flesh.  What is important is when God gave this command. Adam and Eve did not know each other, they had no opportunity for intimacy, they did not know what it were to be parents, the pitter patter of tiny feet was unknown to them, and they hadn’t conceived and God let them run around naked in the Garden.  God left no room for doubt either in design or purpose, the two became one flesh and bonded for life.

Since then the uncontrolled desire for sexual behavior has turned towards indulging in recreational sex, but Gods standard remains the same, the marriage bed is to be undefiled and ruled by love. While sex is a hot digidy dang activity on the marriage bed, sex is the established method for humans to conceive their offspring. God created a member of the opposite sex for Adam as a lifetime partner, there were no multiple partners or a same sex helper in the garden for Adam.

From the Christian perspective marriage is an absolute condition for normal behavior between the male and female that have committed their life to each other. Those who deviate from the state of marriage between man and wife can derive diseases from the pleasure of abnormal sexual behavior. For example, recreational sex acts among male and female can result in sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes, and Syphilis. This is another case where God said thou shall not because of the problems that follow.

In the early 1980s the homosexual community was faced with the outbreak of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). The disease was first found among gays who transmitted the disease to other sexually active groups with high risk potential such as prostitution.

Research of AIDS reveals that the exchange of body fluids, primarily semen through intercourse, spreads the disease. This disease over time spreads to internal organs and results in death. Without exception this disease occurs more in homosexuals than any other group. Sexual relations between men account for 49 percent in new AIDS cases while 9 percent of sexual relations between males and females resulted in new AIDS cases.

However, AIDS is not just a medical issue attacking our society. AIDS is a moral issue when engaging in intercourse after being diagnosed with the disease, because knowing that one has AIDS demands personal restraint to prevent the spread of AIDS to others. The question arises, would anyone have consensual sex knowing that the other person has AIDS? Instead, the person who has the disease keeps it to him or herself and continues his or her sexual activity solely for personal pleasure. Their actions show a lack of morals or respect and their concern over the well being of other persons are put aside to satisfy themselves. Theoretically, AIDS could eventually spread throughout the human race. Therefore, anyone who knows he is passing AIDS to another person is guilty of a crime of genocide against the human race.

The sexual revolution of the 1960-70s brought sex out into the open and made it possible to discuss sexual issues in public. However, the sexual revolution did not restrict sexual activity to the marriage, it allowed gays to speak openly. The sexual revolution is still waging war against man today. The Gay community wants to include relations of the same sex into the classification of moral sexual relations by legal means. The gay community is not asking, but is demanding that the majority of Americans deviate from the absolute condition of marriage with the opposite sex. They are demanding that mankind establish the condition of normalcy to homosexual relations by accepting legalized union of the same sex. Perhaps they need to look at Sodom and Gomorrah to completely understand how God feels about sexual perversion.

While the Gay community is not able reproduce offspring of its own kind, Gays are currently permitted to adopt children. This right gives the gay couple a resemblance of a family unit and normalcy in the world’s eye. However, families are established by bloodlines. The children of Gay marriages do not have normal bloodline relationships. Aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers are opposites and yet comprise the normal role models that children need to prepare for adult life. Gay parents have brothers and sisters that live as husband and wife, but the explanation of their relationship to the adopted children will always reflect the way the gay parents think.

God established the normal relationship over mankind in design and function. Specific limits are designed into everything before they are made whether by God or man so that repetitive actions last the lifetime of the unit. It is the abuse of those limits, or doing what the unit was not designed to do that lead to its breakdown. God calls the improper use of your body immoral. Therefore, the reasoning of our creator must be taken into account in redefining marriage. God instituted marriage between man and wife when he created Adam and Eve. Therefore men need to consider that redefining marriage is another step to the breakdown of the human race.

In the long run, immorality does more to harm others and that immorality will separate you from your peers and devalue the respect and dignity you demand from others. The preferred lifestyle of the gay does not qualify them for the respect and dignity they demand from mankind, as the abnormal seldom is desirable. Redefining marriage will not give the gay community the respect or the dignity they want but it will give them the right to be considered morally right in the legal system. Before man redefines marriage by law he should demand that the gay community stop transmitting sexual diseases within our society.

Can you suffer from redefining marriage? Statistics show that 49 percent of the Gay community are suffering from a disease caused by their sexual preferences. However, men outside the gay community are paying the cost to find a cure before the human race, as a whole is affected. Presently insurance can be purchased for family members related by marriage. Homosexuals do not have that benefit but with redefining marriage with terms of significant others give them the right to obtain insurance benefits. In this world the cost would be passed on to those who do not want or participate in same sex relationships. Over all God did not want man to be a burden on society, but regardless of the words used by organized groups for Gay rights they have managed to overcome their rightful place as immoral people to the being the acceptable abnormalities of our society.



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