One of the hardest things for the world to understand is that they have a relationship with everything that exists, but exclude God from their life. On the most part the relationship the world has a association that you maintain for selfish reasons. It is the relationship of owning the best car, the largest home, a collection of antiques, jewelry, but at the same time, the members of your household don't know you. God is more interested with our association with other human beings and the relationship we have with him.

Everyone you come into contact with has the ability to see the symptoms of your relationship with God. Your relationship with God can be one of ignorance or of total awareness that returns the love of God to everyone you associate with. However your awareness of God depends on your desire for life.

The way you speak about God is only the first outward symptom and sign of your relationship with God. Those who want their relationship with God deepen their respect for God, and those who want nothing to do with God use his name to curse everything associated with their life. The relationship you have with God will always exist, but it can change by your choice for the better. There are other signs as well, for instance, do you take things home from work because they will never miss them?

Man became the dominant life form with choice on the face of the earth because of Godís design. The outcome of God's creation is that man is not alone in this world and everyone must learn to get along with other people while struggling to succeed with their own life. Your personal behavior toward others reaps benefits while other attitudes make life more difficult. All it takes is one person such as Jesus Christ, to affect the attitude of the world toward each other.

On the most part, people are connected in relationships when common interests are involved. The first relationship starts at birth that gives your life an origin and how you are related to parents, brothers and sisters. The begotís are important to biblical records because they traced ancestral lines for Jesus Christ back forty-two generations to God. Your kinship to God does not require a traceable bloodline as much as it does on shed blood. The shed blood of Jesus Christ is the only blood that could purchase your soul from bondage of sin. God has a common interest in your salvation and does not want to see you perish. However, you must make the choice to seek the adoption as Godís child while there is time.

Your relationship to your parents will never change, they will always be your parents because of your origin. However, your relationship will fade when you move and lose contact with your family and friends. Therefore, personal relationships demand your constant presence and exchange of ideas to form a connection that unites your life with theirs.

Everyday relationships are not based on birth, but on the benefits and needs of the individual. The need to feel important and have self-worth requires the support from other sources such as friends, fellow workers and team members. The relationships outside the family unit are just as important as those related to you by birth.

Man was not designed to live as a hermit in a world populated with millions of people. However, there comes a time when all of us want to leave the home our parents established to our own life. That is when you find out that living on your own is not as easy than you thought. Suddenly you have bills that you never knew existed and you have more month than money to go around. On top of that, you learn to be flexible around an ever-changing relationship with life itself. Then every relationship you had in life changed, you met the only person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.

The marriage bed is not the bed of roses you expected when you find the only thorn in your relationship is the selfish-desire they have that wants itís own way. Loving that person is a full time job that requires you to find out what and how to please them. It also meant you spent seven days a week doing things to please them. Pleasing them faded away after the sound of little feet and the financial problems, which brought the normal stress of life into your home. All of which, is at best a demand to balance the incoming bills with an constant effort to keep that relationship in good health.

Relationships require your personal attention to keep them in the best working order. Everyone has the need to feel important to ensure a level of worth. The rights of others to rule their lives depends on their self worth, which is governed by the degree of respect their fellow man has for them. Personal dignity and integrity demands that you consider the needs of others but that requires you to treat others better than they treat you.

Even God has a need to feel important and demands the respect from those he created. Yet, men stubbornly keep their relationship with God distant or at the mediocre level. They only call on God when they have a need, have no other place to go or God is the only one who can meet their needs. All of which tells God that they only come to him when they want things. God wants to feel important and the only way to love him is for who he is.

God is a person who is aware of his existence, a sovereign person capable of independent thought and can say no to anyone he chooses. When you stop to think about these traits, you too have all of these traits that you do not want violated. No one wants to be forced to do what other people want you to do or be forced to think in a prescribed manner.

What seems strange to me is that men instinctively know that God created everything we can see hear and touch. The same men also know that God rules over all of his creation, but for some reason they exclude themselves from God's creation. They habitually design plans to be successful, which means they have to do the math to know how make them happen. Then without seeking any information about God hope that God will accept them the way they lived on earth.

A relationship with God is worth more than all the gold on earth, for a relationship with God has a conditional reward of eternal life. However, God will not demand your friendship or your loyalty because both is strictly your choice. Knowing God and doing what God asks of men is left in your hands because it is a choice to know him.

Being the soveriegn ruler God is, God the father of all men gave every man a choice to choose life so that you may love the Lord your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him. At the same time he gave man the option of death and to choose curses over his blessings. Consider this, loving God, listening to his voice, and holding fast to him are the foundational attributes of a relationship. A relationship God desires but doesn't demand of men.

The major difference between God and man is that God has a disciplined mind that governs his decisions, decisions that effect the lives of others. God makes deliberate decisions so they will not offend or diminish the self-worth of those who know him. The outcome of Godís decisions are fair, just, and proper in his eyes and in the eyes affected by his decisions. These are godly traits that we admire and want for our own. However, man's mind has not yet matured and his decisions reflect the sinful and selfish nature of man.  Why is it that the elderly are respected for their decisions and why are the decisions of elders are honored by younger men?

The way man thinks affects his personal character and the relationships he has with others. The person who is arrogant, haughty and proud do not make an attempt to elevate other people to a place of importance. The person, who is humble, meek and loving values other people above themselves and know the importance of being kind and thoughtful. Whom do you appreciate more?

God in his infinite wisdom has chosen to have favorable relations with man and has chosen to love you regardless of what you have done. God knows no end to his existence, but he also knows that any relationship will fade in time when they are abused. For lengthy relationships to exist there has to be an agreement to maintain the favorable condition. Love is the prescribed method God uses to fuse relationships into coherent system and creates harmony among those who work for common goals. Love achieves more because it draws people closed together so there is a desire to meet common goals.

Consider this, If the world admires God's qualities they will also admire the qualities God wants you to have. As a father, God like earthly fathers, teach their children what he has found works for him.  God wants you to know his mercy to forgive, his grace to save you and his love that is beyond description.

On the other hand the world for the most part is selfish in nature and the people of this world are used to serve the desires of the individual.  Although those relationships are temporary the salesman, the clerk behind the desk and the receptionist are important people you use for services. Showing them respect can determine how long you wait for those services.

What men don't understand is how we treat people is the same way we treat God. What if we were to love God the way we love ourselves? After giving this thought some thought that is not what God wants. God wants you to forsake your daily routine to honor others above your own needs. Our example is Jesus Christ,

God saw our need and sent his son to demonstrate his love for man, in that while we were still sinners he died to atone for our sins. Man had fallen short of the glory of God and sin became the hurdle man had failed to master. God saw manís condition as unreconcilable and chose to find a way to restore man to him. In Godís plan, man had to bear the responsibility for his actions and the system of sacrificing for the penalty for sin began. This system did not satisfy God because sin came by one man and sin ultimately had to be paid for by a manís life.

In due time, God sent his only begotten Son so all who believed in him could have eternal life. Jesus Christ came to fulfill the law required for sin and became the Lamb of God to atone for the sins of the world. Christ died paying the penalty for your sin.

Most people know that Jesus Christ died and was resurrected and his work on Calvary paid for their sins. Your belief in his death and resurrection is only the first step to your salvation. However, it is a choice to believe and you free to reject Godís plan of salvation. God prefers to be known for who he is, not because of what he can give you.

If you donít know God right now, now is a good time to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. God wants you to spend time with him and will take the first step by sending his Holy Spirit to dwell in your body. God wants to be known as your father and will be when you open your life up to Jesus and allow him to rebuild your character. You expect things from God and God expects favors from you. However God demands that you show the same love for those in the world as he does for his children. Knowing what pleases the other person in any relationship is an asset worth working for. Knowing what pleases God will make the your last day on earth pleasant and exciting.



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