Putting your Faith To Work.

God has given everyone a portion or measure of faith that beginning  with the distinct knowledge that God exists and he is able to meet your needs. Through that measure of faith God draws you to Jesus Christ and to a saving grace of God. Then after you have declared Jesus, as Lord in your life, your faith in God must increase and grow with use.

Faith is like building a house in many respects. A house can not be built if the lumber stays neatly stacked. James puts it this way, Faith without works is dead. The lumber is nothing more than building materials while it is in the stack and those building materials will begin to rot is nothing is done to preserve it. To a carpenter, plans give him a picture of what the finished house will look like when he is finished. However, the carpenter’s faith requires him to arrange the lumber and drive nails before the floors and walls are in place. You can know what to do, visualize the final product, but the truth is that you have combine hands on with your skills to reach the desired end. This kind of faith shows God the extent of your beliefs.

Sleep is all you can expect to get if all you do is wait for God to respond to your needs, sitting in the pews. Your faith requires that you take the first step. In the same way, lumber has to be arranged in a precise order to support a roof. Just as the roof goes on after the proper support is in place, the signs of your faith follow the application of your beliefs. Faith needs to be exercised like those who walk a picket line. Those who observe the picket line know that they are carying tells everyone that they are taking a stand for or against something.  It is when you show God the proper signs that God shows his approval with his support.

Your right to believe in Jesus is sacred to God, but he will not force you to believe in his word. God wants you to look at what he has done in the past and think about his methods. If they seem feasible to you, the first step is to try to do things God's way. Only then, are you able to judge the credibility of God's word by how things turn out.  The verdict will be loud and clear, in every trial run, God will gain your trust to affect the way you live. Faith brings about a change in your life, you become a better person and God will respect you because of your faith.

Comparing faith to the building industry is not hard to do. Both have limitations that restrict what you can do and what is not allowed. Building codes protect the buyer from potential harm where as avoiding sin protects the Christian from mental and physical pain. The code violation and sin must be corrected in the eyes of the convening authority before the building  can proceed and your relationship with God has been corrected.

Known procedures make the job go faster and produce a better product. Experience comes when you do a specific job hundreds of times. Procedures allow you to do the work efficiently while you make a product that your employer can be proud of. However, a skilled worker such as a carpenter refers to a plan constantly while building a home. The circumstances of life change constantly and so does the need to keep your plans in easy reach.  As men work prescribed procedures for success you must develop prescribed procedures and work them to reach heaven's gate and the rich welcome of our Lord. 

Faith comes by hearing the word of God and by hearing God speak to you. Hearing God speak requires you to put your ears in a position where you can hear him speak. Position your self to pursue God by going to church, reading God's word, ponder his word to open your spiritual ears to listen for his voice.  He has the wisdom that you need to survive in a world that largely ignores him. More importantly, by hearing God's voice, you will have the knowledge that you can do all things when God strengthens you. Making your time available to God builds your faith and forges the experience that will help you to move the mountains of this world.

God has left the exercising of your faith up to you. Exercising your faith is reaching for the full potential that God gave man to become the image of Jesus Christ. In Christ, the full measure of God was exercised and expressed with all kinds of supernatural deeds. Your own faith may not produce the supernatural deeds of Jesus Christ, but you can show the love of Christ in your life to the world.

God instructs us to; and find out what pleases the Lord. Eph 5:10 God also said, And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. Hebrew 11:6 The evidence of Christ's life shows that developing your faith has enough merits to become like Christ. Finally, we learn from the scriptures that God testified this about his son with signs and wonders. To the disciples God Said,

The righteous shall live by faith and the love of God prompted Jesus Christ to die on Calvary. Keep this in mind, Christ was only one man but his faith in God has influenced millions of Christians to be like him. In the same way, using your faith makes a difference in the world for the kingdom of God and it will influence others to become Christians.





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