Everyone has a opinion about life, definitely not so much as what life is about. The arrogant seldom ask what life is all about, because of their pride filled attitude they think they know more about life than their creator.  Although they know that God created the heavens and the earth they refuse to consider that Adam and Eve were a part of the sixth day in the creation account. Opinions vary from person to person but it is the person who seeks God who will understand the reason why God created mankind. 

According to men there are a number of gods responsible for creating the earth.  Still He who created the heavens and Earth has clearly made himself and his plans known to man. When he created mankind he gave him a mind to think and make decisions of his own.  One of those decisions was to determine what was life all about?

For the most part, man has not dealt with this question but has chosen to pursue the desires of his or her heart.  In other words there was no room to know or understand the desires of his creator in the heart of men. The thoughts and intents of men are oblivious unaware of God and his plan for mankind because they avoid everything about him.

The plan God has for mankind must have a role in our consideration of what life is all about. Ask yourself, why God would demand that his creation choose life when he and she are already alive? Obviously if we were to consider why God created the heavens and earth we would have to ask Ė what is his reasoning and purpose for mankind. When we determine that God has a purpose for man will we prepare ourselves to serve him. 

 However the majority of men are not interested in Godís motives for creating them.  Yet if we were to listen intently to God we may learn that we may have not considered everything concerning our life and deceived ourselves. As human beings we are ferocious at defending our ways because we have done what is right in our eyes. How could we be wrong in Godís sight when we are better than other people but neglect the person who will judge our lives?

You see, when our life is spent and we stand before God, he will consider our lives from his viewpoint. Have we lived our lives in an acceptable manner? On judgment day most people hope that God will accept them for the way they lived. However, the same people have never sought God to know what is acceptable to God. That reason alone puts them at a disadvantage. Hoping that God will accept them for the way they live shows that they have some doubt if God will make a decision in their favor. 

The truth is that no one sees you in the same light as you see yourself. The reality is that you cannot declare yourself righteous in Godís sight. You cannot justify yourself before God because you did not die for your sins.  The reality is that you cannot on that day sit in judgment on your life nor will you will be judged by the law you used to govern your life. You are a part of life that God created to serve his needs and his future kingdom. Ultimately God will make his decision based on his love for you and the common good of his kingdom

 There is no doubt that God created the heavens and the earth for reasons we as human beings may not understand.  There has to be reasons why God has made his existence plain so no one has an excuse. When God created man and his environment he created man to live forever. It was never a part of Godís plan for men to die or to become corrupted through their own evil desires.

After man was influenced by Satan to sin, God cursed the ground and drove Adam and Eve from garden where the tree of life stood. Having lost access to the tree of life Adam and Eve were driven into an environment where everything was subject to decay and in time everything withered away. Man became subject to decay and eventually died because he disobeyed God.  Still to this day God remains the only hope for eternal life.     

Nearly everyone in the free world knows something about Adam and Eve and the original sin. There is some confusion about the circumstances but one fact stands out within its story. Man was driven from the garden for disobeying God. Once God discovered sin in mankind he listened to both sides and drew a conclusion, then sentenced Adam and Eve to the world he frustrated to gain and keep their attention. 

Do we as human beings have the right to adjust or repair the things we own? If so, letís consider that God has the right to change the way his creation functions? Man still has the ability to adapt to the changes God made rather than change the way he was designed to function? God created man to love one another; however the majority of men seek the desires of their heart rather than make an effort to love one another.

In Godís eye the man he created is malfunctioning. Man on the other hand has the idea that he is in charge of his life and very little deters him from running his life as he sees fit. Man is neglecting God and the future God has planned for man. He neglects to admit that God created him or acknowledge that the world around them would not exist if it were not for God. They adapt to the methods God uses to get their attention and refuse correction and to submit to their creatorís sovereign authority. Because of this they are not producing the works they were designed to accomplish.

The question for all of us to consider is how long will you tolerate your creation that regularly fails every test before you render it useless?  What happens when you produced multiple objects of the same kind and the majority fails the test while the rest accomplish the feats they were designed to achieve?

Men should be able to conclude that God created man to serve him and in his mind those who do the works God prepared for them to do in advance are those he will keep.  Those who fail to do the works God prepared for them will become part of the place designed for those who will not to submit to God sovereignly. We should also consider that if the man cannot serve God today how will he serve Godís needs in heaven? 

Man has been given a mind to think and a choice to live. At the same time we have the choice to malfunction by refusing to obey God and do the things God has prepared for us to do. The things God has prepared for us to do allow everyone to unite for common goals. So letís consider how common goals make life better for all concerned. God knows the answer and we will find what life is all about, when we find God.


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