The Power To Believe

Believe   Know   Love  Change  Do  Be One

What does it mean to believe? Believing requires you to accept something as being real and credited as being true. What makes anything credible is because it conforms to truth and has the qualities of being accurate and reliable.

On the other hand non-belief is the opposite. Non-belief may be the reason why it wonít happen in a million years. It is foolishness; I doubt it will ever happen. It is too good to be true and what is worse Christianity lacks credibility. Most Christianís have heard that living as a Christian isnít the way the world works and that statement has a lot of truth to it especially when Christians sin.

However there is no controversy over the fact that God exists. This one fact is made both believable and understandable through the things surrounding the environment of all men. The designer of our world made mankindís environment recyclable. Within the eco environmental system of the earth what dies today provides new life for tomorrow. Wood rots and turns into soil.  The rain that falls on the earth then flows to the ocean where it evaporates into the atmosphere allowing the wind will carry it back over land only to rain again. The eco environmental system of the earth did not happen by chance but blows the big band theory to bits because the heavens and the earth was created instantly through the forethought of God.

God has made his existence plain because all one has to do is look into the sky at night and ask did each one of those stars in the night sky happen by chance? The view of space is all it takes for you to realize yourself that you appear to be insignificant in Godís creation.  It is impossible to take it all in just to understand there is a purpose for your existence.

Yet God is credible Ė because his word is truth. His word has influence with all men because we live by every word he speaks. His credibility is in his character that is supported with promises such as;

God is determined to be faithful to his word. He does not say one thing and do something entirely different. He will not violate his commitment to tell the truth and will not allow any of his commitments to waver. Credibility at this level develops trust the kind of trust you are willing to die for because you are convinced of his promise to deliver you from the fire.

By the same token Jesus said that he was going to prepare a place for us. A place reserved for us in his kingdom because of his love for us. Revealing his plan to his servants gives his servants the hope and knowledge of a future with God in heaven. His promise gives us a vision of the goal God wants us to obtain. Our eternal future is assured when we take time to learn what he has planned.

God has done a number of things to ensure that his character is credible and believable. God on the other hand is working with his creation to form a character in man that is credible when the reality of your personality says you are neither hot nor cold. The fact that you are neither hot nor cold tells us that your credibility is in question. We all know someone who is full of hot air because that condition can be seen by what they say compared to what they do. The difference between what they say and what they do determines their credibility in relation to the truth. Even in our lives we judge the character of people on that basis to know whether they can be a friend worth trusting. 

The things done in our flesh show God where our heart is. God has given us several conditions that demonstrate that there is a fine line in the way we conduct ourselves. It is entirely possible to honor God with our lips when our heart is corrupted by evil desires. You are either hot or cold but being lukewarm will not please God. You are either gathering or scattering the lost. You are either for or against God because there is no absolute truth walking the fence or in being a mixture of both. What is real Ė being a blend of both lacks the quality of being accurate and reliable?

God is dependable because God loves us and honors us with answered prayer. On the other hand we demonstrate that we love him when we obey his commands. The love of God has a compelling way of honoring the wellbeing of one another. It is written God loves the unrighteous and the righteous with a determined choice to love and so should we. The choice to love his creation is caused by a deep respect for God. By the same token your choice to love your fellow man as God loves you exhibits the love of God to other human beings.

Would a righteous person pay the penalty due the sinner? God is the example of credibility of what he wants his children to become but we live in a world where the truth is suppressed by the wickedness of men. Wicked people do not seek moral values but seek their goals through devious methods saying the end justify the means. However Godís way is fair to all and he has made his plans and methods available to all men. He has also stated specific terms through which you may obtain eternal life. God means every word he speaks and will not reward you on your terms alone. To be fair he has a salvation plan that is fair to you as it is to him, but you have to agree with him because he is true, just and fair to all. God wants you to test his word for your own benefit. Only when you completely test the thoughts and ways of God are you able to approve and adopt his ways.

Overall God has done everything in his power to become credible to any and every person who wants to have dealings with him. All he is asking of you is to become as credible to him as he is to you. He demands that you change the way you approach life and the decisions you make in dealing with each other.

For the most part people want something for nothing. When dealing with God you have something God wants as much as God has something you want. Eternal life is a gratuity, a gift that is given in return for service. God wants service that honors his being and place as God and you desire to continue to live forever. Remember there is no other God and God will not give his authority to another. When God makes up his treasured possession he promised to make a distinction between those who serve him and those who do not.

God has made his life credible to everyone who seeks him. Being credible empowers us to love him, to believe in him and his promises. His credibility makes it easy to place our trust in him and build a strong relationship with him being the outcome of our trust.






Power To Know

Believe   Know   Love  Change  Do  Be One

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23

Is there any truth to the belief once saved always saved? The doctrine is not clear from what the bible reveals but its logical from the human perspective. Why is it possible to backslide or fall away? In the process of an personal investigation of all things (1 Thessalonians 5:21) is it possible according to the scriptures to throw your salvation away or revert to your sinful ways.  It is confusing when men of God say they have the faith to be saved but their deeds do not merit rewards.

What about those who repent, make a confession of faith, believe that Christ died for their sins have been baptized but have not continued or grown in the faith?  What about those who after repenting do not seek God; follow the teachings of the Lord, do not inquire of God or want to discuss the scriptures? (Zephaniah 1:6)

 Has everyone been true to their commitment to God? From Godís perspective repentance means to turn from evil; to change your lifeís direction to live in a Godly manner. Accepting Jesus Christ into your life is the change of direction that God wants. But to revert back to the way you previously lived, isnít that giving up or discarding your birth rights. The only person God hated was Esau not as a person but because he lost his inheritance on the day he sold his birthright. By the same token Jesus said;  

The first love is the most important command;

Love is an emotion that is expressed in the care and concern for the well-being of another. Love begins with a basic part of your life normally associated within the family circle.  Love is a sacred respect the reverence for the authority, the discipline of parents that teaches you the way to make and keep close friends. Love is also an attitude of concern for every person you encounter in daily life.

Love produces preserves and keeps relationships in working order. The passion of reverence is so important that it is the desired behavioral order required by God that has priority.  The love desired by God is the way that God draws men to him and other beings like yourself to you.  God says he is against;

Zephaniah 1:5-6 describes the people of the world who have not recognized their creator as their heavenly father. Yet to every person who accepts Jesus and believes in him, he gave the right to become children of God (John 1:12) and members of God's household (Ephesians 2:19). Let us consider that within the family there is a consistent and continual communication with other members of the family. Our continual relationship with God is the beginning of knowledge (Proverbs 1:7) that preserves the life of its possessor (Ecclesiastes 7:12).

How does one love God with their entire being without a personal relationship or involvement with God?  The desire to know God and bond with him is the outcome of love.  Zephaniah 1:6 expresses that knowing God is neither desired nor wanted. At the same time it shows your lack of concern for your life and the foolishness of not being properly informed of what God has planned for you.

Deception is caused by the knowledge you do not seek and donít desire knowledge of.  On Judgment day the deception of sin is finding out after the fact what you should have done. Mankind was designed to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. God has sovereign authority in the world we live in but to ignore God is to reject his sovereign authority. Reject his authority and you will not be accepted in his kingdom where he is the ultimate authority.

By the same token refusing to obey the commands and discipline of God is the same as not accepting Christ in your life. Jesus is no longer Lord, no longer God when adhere to his commands. Jesus said two things regarding his lordship;

Listen to what Jesus is saying, you must worship God is in spirit and truth. You cannot repent; accept Jesus Christ as your savior and Lord unless there is a change of authority in your life. His authority includes the permanent changes that God as your heavenly father wants you to make in shaping the way your spirit makes decisions. His desire is that you may become a respected person that can represent him. There has to be a reason why God inspired these words?

The truth is the majority of men and women have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ but have considered it foolishness. The knowledge of the gospel has the power to change your life and make you acceptable to God. Therefore;






Power To Love

Believe   Know   Love  Change  Do  Be One

When I first examined the most important command to love God with your entire being; I see one quality that is missing in those who fail to continue in their belief in God. How does one love God with their entire being without wanting to know him personally? Developing a personal relationship with God embraces the desire to know him.

The outcome of knowing Jesus as Savior and Lord develops personal relationship where love can be mutually shared. Love makes life worth living as it compels you to do good things for those who love you. Because God first loved you; you have the knowledge and the love of God to love the unlovable

Selfishness doesnít go over well by other people as it is love for one self and dose not benefit relationships with other people. Displaying selfishness towards God is often expresses as what do I get out of knowing God. At the same time what do I get from others to satisfy my selfish desires expresses greed.

The gifts given by God encourage fellowship through personal relations through a way of agreement. Have you ever considered what life would be like if you had no one to share your life and accomplishments with? You wouldnít have little to live for or find life agreeable. You may ask what is my purpose or reason to exist. A personal relationship with God solves those problems. Through the love you obtain continual fellowship with God and a purpose for living.

God wants his children to govern their lives through selfless love that considers others more important than you. This love God wants is seen in charity with the giving of one self to relieve the needs of others. In the same way compassion sees the suffering of another with the wish to relieve the pain associated with it.  Love benefits others and the need God has to relieve the suffering of his creation.

God saw the need to save mankind from the coming wrath of God due to his sin. For this reason God initiated the plan of salvation through Jesus Christ who gives life to whom he is pleased to give it (John 5:21). Scriptures reveal;

The gift of eternal life is a gift freely given by grace in the form of a gratuity. This gratuity encourages fellowship with God within a personal commitment to serve God through love. Through love Godís needs are served as much as it serves the needs of man. You get more out of a personal relationship with God than you can imagine. You have the opportunity to know the most awesome person known to man and at the same time God gets to know you. God will deliver you from your sin; make you a part of his family and take you where he lives (John 14:3).

This relationship begins as soon as you acknowledge him and desire to serve him.

God indwells you to move you to follow his decrees and guarantees your safe arrival in heaven. Godís love lives in you for your benefit because of our sinful nature to satisfy the desire of the flesh. God will meet our needs according to the riches in glory but he is also teaching us to meet the needs of others through what he has given us.

 On the other hand love compels us to spend time with those we love. We have comfort in the presence of those we love but it is also a place where can dwell in peace safety and be ourselves without fear of being harmed.  In the relationship of love we have camaraderie between friends within a mutual trust and we can share mutual interest and not be rejected because of the love we have for each other in Christ.

True love does not let us be ashamed because we love the Lord Jesus so that sharing the love of Jesus is beneficial to those who do not know him. Those in the world hope they are worthy of going to heaven but sharing Jesus helps them to understand that everyone can be assured of going to heaven by the choices they make today. The love of God draws people to him because he demonstrated his love for mankind when he died to take the sins of the world away.

Sin has no concern to love but is the major issue that separates God from mankind and eternal life. Sins can only be eradicated when you come to terms with Christ. His terms are simple; accept him as Lord, turn from sin and make every effort to avoid the sin that corrupts the spirit of man.

God has chosen to love the person who sins as much as those who make every effort to avoid sin by obeying him. Why then a place of torment for those who sin. Those who love wickedness donít want God as their king. They have no desire to obey God therefore a threat to Godís authority and to the wellbeing of those who dwell in heaven. God makes it clear that he is going to make a distinction between those who serve him and those who do not. His plan is to separate the sheep from the goats the sheep will enter his rest but the goats will receive Godís eternal discipline.

No matter how it is said, Sin creates unrest. Heaven is the place of Godís love since heaven is sin free. The order of this world will become forgotten history in eternity.  God has promised all things will become new.



Power To Change

Believe   Know   Love  Change  Do  Be One

God has given everyone the power to agree with him because he provides us knowledge with corresponding truth. Wisdom comes when you learn what works and what does not. In every matter itís what we did not know causes failure, only then you learn what you should have done.

my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. "Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children. Hosea 4:6

A sacred reverence for the Lord is the beginning of knowledge but those who willfully ignore God despise being corrected and the wisdom freely given by their creator. How can anyone say there is no God when the evidence is so overwhelming? 

Autonomy is important because it gives men the right to believe whatever he or she chooses. Sometimes it is as important to hear what you want to hear as it is to hear the things you need to hear. What you determine to hear is your choice but that choice is normally based on an opinion.

However opinions are seldom proven without knowledge. The world is filled with proud and arrogant people who do what is right in their sight. They suppress the truth through evil deeds while unknowingly commit the sin other people commit. Men and women hate the way other people live but are caught in the intimidation sin has. While they hate the sin men and women commit they feel justified by their own sin.

Most people do not know that sin captivates your life because you commit another sin of denial to look innocent of all wrong doing. God does not justify wrongdoing. What you do not know is you are conforming to the pattern of the world and overlooking that God will consider your worth to him by your deeds.

In light of Godís judgment have you carefully considered what you hear, see and do? These three things create the deeds you preform before God. Because he loves the sinner he has advised you to do the following.

Conforming to the pattern of the world is caused by indifference and the failure to consider the consequences of sin. What another person does can be seen and copied easier than to learn Godís way. God wants all men to carefully consider what they see and do because there are consequences that can be avoided by knowing Godís way of governing your life.

Itís difficult to find fault with people who do things exactly the way you do things. The bible says;

Finding a way to agree with God comes with knowing what God approves of. Once you learn what God approves of, personally test it by trying Godís way. Look carefully at the outcome when exercising Godís methods because God is responsible for the answer.  Were you rewarded or did you pay the piper?  After you receive the answer you decide whether you want to use Godís method again.

When reading Godís word read it slower than normal with the purpose of grasping every word. Then make the effort to understand what youíve read by meditating on its content. In meditating weigh facts against facts; pros against cons and considering what the words express. At the same time when listening to what God is expressing make every effort to silence what you learn from other sources. In other words listen to Godís side of the story before comparing it to the knowledge you have.

Not everyone compares scripture with scripture; no one has the complete truth except God. Do not rely on what others believe but compare their beliefs with scripture. Then rely on what God reveals to you. At the same time do not be surprised that you will believe things differently than other people. Openly discuss your beliefs with fellow believers and you will learn things you missed in your study.   

Although Godís word is the truth God encourages you to be prudent. Test everything treat what you have discerned to be truth as if your life depended on it. The advantage of knowledge is that the wisdom you obtain preserves your life. (Ecclesiastes 7:12). 

Truth is liken to building your life on the rock the rock called Christ Jesus.

Success in life is in having life in abundance (John 10:10). God does not want anyone to perish but they will if they refuse to repent. God will not reward you with abundant life on your terms. God has the monopoly on eternal life but the abundant life comes through Jesus Christ.

Prospering within our life demands that we adapt to the methods required to obtain its success. The goals we set in life mean we have to change the way we do things to achieve them. By the same token everyone governs their own home the way they want to and God is no exception.

The bible tells us;

The holiness of God will not tolerate sin in heaven. Thereare consequences that can be avoided by knowing Godís way of governing your life. Accepting Jesus Christ on his terms begins a life of changes so you can be found acceptable to God. Remember to get rid of sin through Christ and change your life with Christís help to suit God. With Godís help you can change to please him.


Power To Do

Believe   Know   Love  Change  Do  Be One

Every born again Christian has been given the power to submit to God and resist the Devil. Knowing the power you have in God or that Christ is in you is a part of the process of growing in the Lord. In reality every step forward in Christ is a step of faith and Christian living becomes similar to on the job training where you learn through experience a little at a time. Unfortunately most new Christians are not Christ like instantaneously and are constantly down on their knees repenting of old habits that have changed to undesired sin. 

Some are taken under the wings of other Christians but most survive as Christians with the help of God and sheer determination. Some realize their commitment right away while others need time to understand the seriousness of their commitment to God.

 Then again there are others who believe Jesus Christ died for them but donít pursue him because they have repented and met the minimum requirements to acknowledge God.  They do not understand God wants to see growth in Christ and the evidence of a change of heart. New Christians must desire to know more about God and learn to work with him to know what needs changing to please him.

At one time the name of Jesus was used to curse but becoming a Christian changes how you feel about Jesus.  

Itís amazing the God we once cursed has become our best friend and you canít wait to tell someone what Jesus has done for you. The change is immediate you have the assurance of going to heaven. However with growth in Christ comes an adversary whose goal is to take everything your God has given you away.

Satan is out to prevent you from giving God the evidence of repentance that is from wickedness to godly ways. What you do is proof that you have sincerely repented but it also shows a change of heart and the desire to please your heavenly father. Satan will obstruct your Christian walk to prevent from being different from the people who do not serve God. In other words Satan will turn you into a sleeper, one who wakes up to go to church but sleeps during the week.

Paul preached this approach to the gospel;  

If you sleep during the week the evidence of repentance are in your dreams and no one gets to see them but you. 

Those who sleep are reluctant to take the first step but have hidden their light and beliefs under a bowl. You are the light of the world and it is your time to let the world see your light, who is Jesus Christ. Let the people you work with see Jesus in you.

The pressure to hide your light comes from the spirit realm led by Satan. However those who you are hiding your light from will respect your beliefs even though they reject them as their own. You are Godís ambassador the person who takes his message to people alienated from him. Whether they listen to the message of your Lord or reject it you have done your duty.

When we look at the history between God with man we see that God sent prophet after prophet with his message even so mankind did not repent. When your message is rejected donít feel rejected because you are in good company. Your calling to take the good news to the world.

Actions speak louder than words; take God with you to work. When they use their mouth to curse use yours to praise God. Whether things go well or bad give God thanks.  The field God is harvesting is Godís workplace and you should be at work fertilizing the soil.

Let the people around you know that God has freely atoned for your sins. Use your testimony to tell people what you found out when you gave your heart to Jesus. When the trial that tests your faith comes, let people see how you deal with it through your belief in God.

Whether you like it or not everyone on earth has an audience.Someone is watching your every move.  Whether it be from our peers or from on high you are being watched. They are examining your deeds to know whether you can be trusted; be a friend and be trusted to do and return favors even when it hurts. In Christian circles its called being faithful to your word regardless of the circumstances.

With determination everyone has the capability to be faithful to their promises. When you forget your promise; have higher priorities, or neglect to keep promises you lose credibility among those who have placed their trust in you.  God makes every effort to keep promises and for that reason people in all walks of life place their trust in him.

God changes the character of his children when they obey him. The power to do things that please God comes from your reverence of your heavenly father and honoring his commands. Your earthly father disciplined you for your good and you respected it when you grew up. How much more should you respect your heavenly fatherís discipline?

God is building a kingdom and he is asking for your help. Whatever God has asked of you he has also empowered you to do. Developing the skills to do the task God assigned to you comes from God over time. God will not ask you to do anything unless he enables you to do it.

Wherever you go or whatever you do; God will be with you.You will never have to do anything for God alone; the bible says for greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4). Satan will do his best to stop you therefore submit yourself to God and Satan will flee from you (James 4:7). Doing anything for God demands determination on your part. Take the first step and the power to do things for God will be there when you need it.


The Power To Be One

Believe   Know   Love  Change  Do  Be One

For the most part people just do not know what it means to be one with God. Knowing what it means to be one is difficult to understand living in the physical world where two solid objects cannot occupy the same space. However if God says all things are possible you should believe it can be done.

Occupying the same space as stated above is not what God means. Even then being one is not by design numerical where two are equal to one. Yet God created man male and female and said the man shall leave his mother and father and be united to his wife and they will become one flesh. It is reasonable to say the male and female can be one unit of man in marriage.  In that respect they occupy the same residence as man and wife. Within marriage there is a sense of belonging within a family unit.

Married couples spend more intimate time with their spouses for a number of years. In their relationship as man and wife they learn to work together to solve the problems they have as a married couple. Sometimes one person makes the decisions in the relationship but in the long run it is learning to make plans as a team for their future and carry them out.

Our relationship with God is unquestionably similar to married life with our spouse. For we spend a lot of time alone with God learning all about him just as we do with our spouse. Godís thoughts and ways are as different as our spouseís ways and often end up in arguments over how to do things.

Time with your spouse develops a second sense of knowing how they react for and against what you has done. Being able to anticipate their next move is part of becoming one with your spouse therefore we are getting an idea of what God meant when he asked his father may they also be in us.

Propping your feet up on a foot rest and barking out commands that forces the other person do all the work is not right. Every day time is limited for what has to be done. For most people the work load is no lighter one day to the next but that work can be divided up between the spouses to make things easier to accomplish.

As Christians we often sit in the pews and issue orders to church leaders and not lift a finger to help. Did not God want us to be of one accord? Being of one accord has a lot to do with reaching an agreement and doing the work agreed upon. The church has a lot of work to do before Jesus comes and there are more people who are perishing than Christians care to place a number on. The fields are ripe for harvest, God is out in the field but his fellow workers are having a pot luck dinner.

We love pot lucks but we are not inviting the public or God to our kind of (love) feasts.  In the right conditions fellowship bands Christians together, but in most churches Christians form cliques within immediate family and close friends that donít grow to include every church member. On the other hand, becoming one in the church demands that we take a personal interest in the lives of others and pray for their needs with them.

Becoming one with God is developed in the same manner as we become one with friends; relatives and close associates. You spend time with God and take a personal interest in the desires and wishes of God. With the time you devote to others you perceive with your eyes and ears information distinctly about them.  The desire to keep them as friends will cause you to overlook their faults but their influence causes you to change the way you do things to be agreeable and acceptable by them.

Being one with God happens with multiple moments dedicated to him alone.  At the same time we have to understand that the time we get to know him allows God the way to know you.  The time we share with each other derives a mutually understanding of the thoughts and ways of each other. The thoughts and ways of each other are capable of influencing necessary changes to become united as one.

God had influence with Jesus Christ revealing his devotion to God. It is possible that Jesus said the following to set an example of being one with his father? 

Being one with God is revealed in many ways. It means to deny oneself pick up our cross and follow him. You will never carry your cross alone so the cross you carry is the way God wants you to minister to others. Being one with God honors God above you and you will obey God because you love him. God is there to help you so invite him to work with you.

Being one is found wherever people work together as a unit for common good. Becoming a church member, joining a fraternity, becoming a mason, and like getting married it forms a bond in relationships with others. Within these groups the common good presents a sense of belonging; and a way of becoming stronger and a common purpose. A single person can be easily be troubled, but two can bind together to protect one another from being overwhelmed.

The bible gives us an example of being in one accord within the story about the tower of Babel. In those days the language was common and was understood by all. They formed a plan to make a name for themselves and united to keep from being scattered over the face of the earth. The common goal was to construct a tower that reached the heavens.

God scatter them because they had a common language making it feasible to agree to work together for a common goal. All things are possible for God; so listen carefully, God revealed his way of making all things possible. Because the people of Babel united; God said nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.

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