People Perish Without Revelation

Men often squabble over the difference of words such as revelation or vision used by the different versions of the bible, however much can be said about the type of sight men have. Some say it is connected to prophetic revelation and to others what the divine reveals about the life God wants. Regardless, the word of God is the revelation of Godís word needs to be understood and heeded to prepare men for the reward that is due to his or her behavior in this life.

Revelation from God gives men the knowledge to prepare for the temptations that attacks their life through the trials they face.  When we know Godís will we can establish proper actions to take to deal with temptation within Godís will to avoid sin.  For the most part, men and women are not concerned with anything but the present; they prefer to deal with God when the time comes. Because of this they live their entire life focused the immediate future.

The writer of Proverbs 29:18 goes on to connect the thought of revelation with the idea of perishing because they cast restraint aside and do what they want. The will of God encourages relationship with a consistent and controlled behavior. However, when you lack restraint, whatever you have done may easily harm another person more so when your decision was to your advantage. For the most part, people rush into their cravings without any concern for the next guy or what they have done. By chasing after their desires they neglect the giver of life.

God advised Cain to master his desires, but to master the desires of your heart you must restrain the choices you make without offending God. Christians are given the knowledge of what evil deeds do so they can avoid taking part in evil deeds. That knowledge lets you choose what you are going to do while allowing you to avoid the sin that we can become entangled or snared by. Godís advice is to look at your choices while it is still a thought and then select the proper path to take.

The way to master your desires and behavior demands a plan that understands what happens when the wrong thing is completed. Within the Ten Commandments God gave man at Mount Sinai a plan shows his love of man by revealing his will, his law, moral standards, within a covenant with mankind. Within these Ten Commandments are a number of stipulations that begin with the words that dictate ďThou shall not.Ē 

ďThou shall notĒ are words we hate hearing but they are the part of a covenant that establish boundaries to control your actions. Clearly, the terms of the Ten Commandments have clear set restraints that include behavior boundaries for your relations with both God and your fellow man. Taking the Ten Commandments to heart will establish a divine influence for your personal life to control and master the sin nature.

Hosea is a book that refers to the constant unrepentant sin of Israel whom became obstinate and refused to repent or look to God for guidance.  One of the major reasons for sin in the world today is the men and women who by their own deeds suppress the truth. No one wants the blame so the blame is cast as far away from their lives as possible. Rather than pay the piper they adapt to Godís punishment to avoid repenting for their sin. Satan has blinded their eyes and closed their ears so they will not hear and understand the plan of God. Without ever hearing or seeing the plan of God, the world will not know the plan God has for them for eternal life. Because of obstinate pride they will perish.

The world is without excuse for they know that man inhabits the Earth God created. They are not interested that God created mankind for a reason. Those who know God understand that God created mankind to fulfill his plans for the age to come. However, God will not accept anyone that cannot control his life and is not prudent enough to gain the right information they need to please God and live by his kingdomís laws. God said.

The bible tells us that the:

Christians may never know why the world thinks of the Gospel of Jesus as foolishness. However the saints know the gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of Salvation for those who believe. It reveals a plan of eternal life for those who obey God. At the same time we must consider that the Ten Commandments are the laws of the kingdom of God will maintain peace and order among the people when obeyed.

Men are making every effort to change Godís laws by taking God out of our schools and government affairs that will lead to the downfall of our nation. When we allow men to abolish Godís law so they will never have to listen to the gospel, we are casting off all restraint to suppress the gospel. Everyone must consider what the outcome has become? Hasnít violent crime among this generation increased to the point that there are no limits to what this generation will do? Drive by shootings are up, outright theft is common, and this generation has no regard whether their language insult the living God. Without restraint this generation will only get worse making you afraid to have relations with other people.

God hates sin in any form and knows that men cannot change their behavior overnight. Just as a leopard cannot change its spots we should consider that man is a creature of habit with this exception. Change of heart is possible, but only with Godís help.  With the right information and adopting proper restraints man can change his spots like the person who suffered a heart attack can stop smoking. The fear of God in near death situations will stimulate an influence that will change the way you live.

God has revealed enough about hell that it should be a deterrent for the way men live. However men and women of the world know the law of God but have the example of their fellow man that ignores it. Just as man enforces the law to establish order and incarcerate them to protect society we can expect God will do the same. Hell is the only destination guaranteed to protect Godís children from the harm that evil produces. It is a place of torment for those who both ignore and refuse to obey the laws of Godís kingdom.

All men must learn that God does not want anyone to perish but to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. However, without the revelation of Godís plan of salvation, men will perish.  With the knowledge God has freely given we can be avoid an eternity of excruciating punishment.

Ultimately, it is a choice to believe the revelation that God has given us about Jesus Christ is a choice. It is a choice to accept him as Lord and begin a new life in him. This choice requires an eternal commitment of your life to serve God and his kingdom for as long as you live.  Within Godís word, God reveals himself and his plans to mankind. With those plans we can prepare to adopt or reject his plans, but woe to those who through neglect ignores so great a salvation. 


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