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It is obvious to those who know scripture that the Holy Spirit is a prophetic promise. What we may not know is that this prophecy concerning the promised Holy Spirit is revealed six times in the same manner. The prophecy is stated as a promise of what God was going to do when the new covenant was firmly established.  

That covenant was firmly established when Jesus Christ was crucified as the atonement sacrifice on the cross of Calvary. He died once for all canceling the penalty of sin for all who accept him as Lord. When his work to atone for the sins of the world was finished, Jesus was summoned to the throne of God.

Jesus was exalted to the right hand of God, where he has received from the Father the promised Holy Spirit Acts 2:33. On the day of Pentecost crowds were drawn to the upper room because God was boldly revealing the entrance of the Holy Spirit into the history of mankind. The bible tells us that Jesus returned to the upper room with great pomp to pour out the promise of the Holy Spirit that he received from the father.

In Peter’s sermon following the outpouring of the Spirit Peter explained the prophecy concerning the Holy Spirit had been fulfilled. In this sermon Peter confirms the prophecy of Joel by quoting it.

The prophecy quoted by Peter explains the fulfillment whereas four other prophecies announce the promise that was to be fulfilled. Simply put, a promise is a declaration of what a person will or will not do. Because of the implication surrounding an established doctrine it is important to know which person of the divine made the promise to pour out his spirit.  Let’s consider another prophecy connected to this promise that was to be fulfilled in the future when the new covenant was established. The new covenant which made atonement for all men and Jesus became the administrator and high Priest of God.

Both prophecies are stated in the same manner saying I will put my Spirit or I will pour out my Spirit. The word “I” is a pronoun points specifically to the person who made the promise. The word “my” is a personal pronoun that points to the same person who has possession of the “Spirit”.  Jesus speaking to his disciples said,

 And again

Waiting for the gift that the father promised also spoke of the event where God endowed the disciples with power Acts 1:8. In the same way this promise also referred us to the day of Pentecost when Jesus poured out the Holy Spirit in the upper room as tongues of fire empowering the disciples with the gift of the Holy Spirit. The disciples would be witnesses of our Lord throughout the known world. Let’s also understand that when Jesus said to wait in Jerusalem for the gift the father promise he also revealed the person who made the promise declaring that “I will pour out my Spirit.”

In the sermon that followed Peter reveals God’s plan in greater detail with these words.

After Jesus had finished his work of atonement he was exalted to the right hand of God. At that time he carried the promise of God back to the upper room baptizing the disciples with the Holy Spirit and with fire just as John the Baptist had prophesied. Ezekiel prophesied what God would do once the new covenant was established.  

By the same token in a revelation to Paul, Paul confirmed Ezekiel 36:25-28 in part in the following manner.

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