Love is never show offish, spiteful, vain, self centered, vengeful, hostel, or hidden, but love is always considerate, has an abundance of optimism, supportive, believes and looks for the best in others, all of which makes relationships precious.

Love is a way of life that also compels you to make the midnight trip to the store for someone special. Love makes no enemy yet is able to conquer the heart and make the strongest of men cry. Love draws people together, pulls down your defenses and makes you stronger in the long run. Love warms the heart on a cold wintry night and makes the storms clouds disappear. Love is the catalyst that keeps drawing relations closer together because love treats everyone with respect.

Those who really love, know Godís love and have experienced the grace comes from Godís love. Though we did not deserve forgiveness, God forgave. Though we owe a debt to God because of our sin, God paid the penalty for our sin. Though we deserve to die, God gave us eternal life. Though we are hopelessly lost, God saved us from utter destruction. Though we were Satanís slaves, God bought us and set us free. And though man was in the pit of despair, God was there to pick us up by the bootstraps and taught us how to stand on our feet. When we were humble, God lifted us up. When we submitted our lives to God, he sent Satan packing.




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