Light Of The World

Today lamps and candles are used in an emergency situation whenthere is no electricity or camping out in the rough to see what we are doing. Depending on the lampspecific batteries are required; with candles you need something to ignite its wick. During the daylight hours lamps and candles are seldom needed; however when the sun departs from the western sky we need an alternative source of light to move about.

Life goes on until the natural light of the day dwindles into the evening and night. Throughout time mankind has found ways to make living at night feasible as if to put more hours into a twenty-four day. On the other hand life is seen in physical terms as day and night and in spiritual terms as in the light or in darkness. These terms relate to what can be seen and what is hidden in the darkness. Our walk can be described as a walk during the day while there is light or stumbling along in the darkness.

Ultimately traveling during the daytime has a better outcome since we can see the obstacles in our way and are able avoid them.  However if we were to walk during the night we could easily be harmed by the dangers of our walk we cannot see. Here in lies the comparison you are the light of the world and the way you live gives light to those around you so they may see the dangers in life and give glory to God. On the other hand you can close your eyes to the light of Christ and walk in darkness.

Christ is the way the truth and the life (John 14:6) he was sent as the light of men (John 1:4). By choice you can invite Jesus Christ to indwell your life and allow his light be seen by the men and women of the world. People cannot ignore what they are able to perceive so they will see the light of Christ shining from you.  The light of Christ coming from you makes you noticeable in the world eye. In this context Jesus is saying you have a purpose in life to let the light of Jesus be seen by the world.

In the previous verse Jesus tells us that we are the salt of the earth. Salt is a seasoning ingredient and for the most part is a factor that makes food taste better. In life salt makes life taste better especially when you see the evil men spread out in life for you digest.  Life can be flavored with tasteless deeds but it is the salt of good deeds that soothes the mind and gives comfort by a demonstration of something that is good. The salt of good deeds helps you to understand that not everyone is rotten to the core.

God wants his children to actively season the world with good deeds showing that life is about living the abundant life. With God all things are possible meaning you donít have to mimic the deeds of the world. Rather you are to be his children and obedient to your father instead of going with the flow of the worldís pattern. Your fatherís way incorporates holiness with morals and the practice of his ways matures with respect for your life and deeds.

In other words God the father lives by the golden rule and deals with you in the manner he expects returned to him. By the same token his respectful behavior towards mankind is the reverential behavior he wants returned to him. Our father taught us to be respectful to our neighbor and to honor one another above ourselves and in like manner God is raising his children to love and respect one another in the way we expect to be loved and respected.

The abundant life comes out of the pleasure of knowing you have been empowered to serve one another through the love of God. We are able to love because he first loved us. We cannot serve one another without remaining in the source of light that enables us to season the world with the truth. That light and his light of men is our only source of strength to season the world with love for one another.

Godís light is seen and known by everyone on the face of the earth. Without any question every person on the face of the earth knows of his existence. God has made his nature known by men through the things he created for us to enjoy.  The light of God shines out into our world of darkness so that no one can devise a reason to ignore his existence.   

By the same token, God created mankind in such a way that his light would be seen through his creation. God chose us to be a light placed where everyone in our sphere of influence could see God in us. In other words we are to be living examples of what God has done through us.

You are the light of the world because the light of man lives in you. Live your life so the world will see the Light of Jesus Christ for he is the reason you live the way you do. Place the light of Christ so other people may see the light and seek Jesus who will light up their life so they too will live eternally.

Make that light conspicuous so the world will see the wonders of God.  Letting your light shine in the world makes for a good witness for it may be the only part of Jesus the world sees. 11292016

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