Life Is A Choice


 If you were to consider the large number of decisions you made in a lifetime you shouldnít be surprised if the final number was in the billions. The average person makes thousands of decisions every day, most of which are made from experience or without considering the consequences. You get up, dress, eat, go to work, and go home routinely, conditions that occur so frequently that you hardly take time to think about them. Itís refreshing to have a change of pace every now and then just so there is a break up the routine of daily life. However, making decisions are as much a part of your life as waking up in the morning.

Just when you think you have one problem solved the tire on the car goes flat. Every one of your kids has different functions to go to at the same time and your mind gets twisted into knots trying to figure out how to shuffle things around to keep everyone happy. Now your brain is worn out and you want a nap, but that is about the time the dog jumps on your belly with a leash in his mouth and wants to drag you to the nearest fire hydrant. Right about now you're frustrated, tired and irritated, but kicking the dog for some relief is not the best choice you have either.

You may not appreciate the decisions that other people made that rubbed you the wrong way. It may seem strange that God refers to you as a king of the earth until you realize that kings make thousands of decisions that affect other people. Unfortunately, and there is too many king on earth that have no concern for what I have to do to please them.  There is something that changes your environment everyday and the new situation demands a different decision. Talk about a domino effect! The choices are endless and affect your environment and options for the next decision. Everyone wants to know what his or her future is going to be like, but to maintain control of your future that each decision needs be governed by reason. The right decision can ensure well being in the future, but the best decision concerning your future is to make Jesus Christ your Lord.

You are not alone in this world and everyone wants to control their own life to protect what is theirs already. Some people already have earned positions of authority, but trying to change the system is more trouble than it is worth. The reason being those in authority is quick to let you know where you can go. You soon learn that you must learn to agree with those in authority for the benefits you want, need, and desire.

Eventually everyone will cross the path of God, but only a few will come to terms with him. During your lifetime God has offered you the opportunity to accept the gift of life so you may continue to live long after you leave this world. Experience from life demonstrates human life cannot be bought at any price. The contrary is true, doctor bills prove that you can go bankrupt to remain healthy and die in their care. Even though everyone wants eternal life, only a few are willing to recognize that Jesus Christ is the only way to life.

When you go to a foreign land you must live by the laws of the land or find yourself being incarcerated in the most unpleasant places. The same is true of going to heaven. Heaven is the Kingdom of God and those who live there have chosen to obey the laws of Godís kingdom. In becoming more Christ like you will learn that Christ was eager to do the will of God and always sought to please his father who sent him. John 5:30 paraphrased

God expects those who enter his kingdom to agree to conduct themselves by his laws. Knowing the demands of Godís gives you the option to live in such a manner that on the day you depart, you will receive a rich welcome into the kingdom of God. Otherwise, God will have the final word about your life and afterwards you will regret not making the right decisions to live forever.

You may work at a place that offers food in vending machines or a cafeteria where the selection may not be appealing to the eye or what you are hungry for. Then you went home to turn the TV on only to find that your choices appealed to you as much as your choices for lunch. Being desperate for something to eat or watch will make your selection a matter of picking the best of what available.

From Godís perspective, you will make thousands of decisions in your lifetime some that will improve your life some will extend your life and some may be disastrous. Some of those decisions will be made publicly for you but most decisions will be made by you after considering the options available. In making any decision, you look for the option that you benefit the most from for the best outcome. God offers you a choice between life and death and your selection is a matter of picking the best of the two options.

On the most part, the majority of decisions you make are relatively short term such as buying a newspaper. Other decisions involve long term goals that affect the rest of your life such as marriage and going to college. God has given you the options of life and death to choose between. This choice is one of those decisions you have to make during your lifetime or God will make that choice for you when itís too late to do anything about it. God has given you the right to consider both options and make the choice on the destination that appeals to you more. Even if you should say no to his plan, his desires, and his needs God will respect your decision.

Death is not one of things you plan to do, but death will be at your door sooner than you think. Man has a strong sense for survival, but seldom thinks about his death and would give all he owns to stay alive.  Life is a precious commodity that no one but God can replace. However, the death of your body is a doorway into another realm that is ruled by God. Godís word says,

Once you pass through the portals of death there is no turning back and no opportunity to change your mind to serve God. There is no choice after the fact. Remember this, in Godís eye the great accomplishments of your life will not be considered as much as way you treated your fellow man.

Can you afford to overlook what God is planning to do when so much is at stake? Is there a reason to ask what do you have to do to receive the gift of life? The entire world hopes to go to heaven but their lifestyle make you wonder that they know God at all. Is God willing to give the gift of life to you when you have never have spoken to him outside anger? Would God want anyone to disrupt the tranquillity of his home?  God wants to give you the gift of life, but there are reasons to know the prerequisites of God before you can expect him to give the gift of life. Knowing and living your life as Christ did will not tip the scales in your favor.

When you consider the gift of life you must also understand God has reasons for giving the gift. The gift of life can be seen from two different sides, those who will receive the gift and from the person who gives the gift. For example, each of the finalists in a beauty paginates are called to center stage to wait for the judge's decision. Both contestants may assume she had won the contest, but one will be disappointed when the judges announced their decision. The crowned contestant had to meet the criteria of the judges. You too, have to meet the criteria of God to be eligible for the prize. Do not assume you are going to heaven without knowing God.

On the other hand, if you did not want anything to do with God he will give you the desires of your heart. However you need to consider that no one likes being sunburnt or scalded to the point they canít stand clothes touching their skin. After being burnt, any exposure to heat reminds you of the burning sensation of the experience. You canít sleep and the remedies only last a few seconds if it relieves the pain at all. God said that he would give the sun power to sear those who reject his plan.

Sulfur is the smell that you recognize when lighting a match. In the gaseous state, sulfur gas is a heavier than air and will cover the pit of hell. Anyone who receives the wages of sin will be breathing sulfur fumes forever. Understand that breathing sulfur gas has the same effect as water in your lungs, meaning that you can drown from either one.

When God has his final word about your life, his angels will wrap your body in chains and toss you into the lake of fire where you will lie helplessly on the floor in the midst of fire, sulfur gas, and other creepy things. Avoiding the fumes from sulfur will be impossible, because of the heavier than air gases will surround and smother your bed. Therefore, you will suffer the effects of drowning and panic. Your natural survival instincts will be uncontrollable inducing thrashing that will increase the pain and suffering caused by the environment of hell.

In addition, your lungs and body will ache from your constant coughing and the acid from the sulfur will burn your lungs. Now lets consider that any movement of your body will add to your pain so much that you will grind and gnash your teeth. God said, "The wicked will have no rest." In hell you will realize the truth of his word, No one will have rest from the pain, or being left alone and no way of escaping the torture of hell.

Hell is a place that promotes death and heaven promotes life to its fullest. Going to heaven is a logical decision to make provided that you can agree to serve Jesus Christ for the rest of your life. Itís not as hard as yielding to the police officer giving you a ticket or having to do work that you hate. God is more merciful and willing to forgive, but he has something planned just for you to enjoy throughout eternity.   

Life is in Jesus Christ, but you have the right to say no to God and refuse his plan all together. On the other hand human beings tend to overlook the reality that God is sovereign and has the right to say no to you. The people who want to go to heaven yield to him because he is the ultimate and only authority in heaven. When his plan is complete he will come in the clouds to collect his saints and take them to a place of safety. However those who neglected so great a salvation may be sorry that they were ever born.

The choice of life demands that you know Jesus Christ and by knowing Christ you will know the way, the truth, and the life. Christ also knew the plan of God and lived accordingly. He also ran the same race that all men have to run and is seated at the right hand of God. However, going to heaven has to be done on Godís terms but it is a choice that god wants you to make of your free will.


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