Is There Any Easier Way?

In this life there are to many Christians that will inform you according to their beliefs, you need to be sanctified, justified, and live by the spirit. When any one tells you what you have to do to have eternal life your Christian life soon becomes legalistic. Itís not that people want to steer you wrong but who are they listening to? People, no matter who they are, donít always practice what they preach and here I am adding my two cents worth.  

By the standards set by men, the average person has so many things to do to maintain a healthy body and make the effort to become like the Jones that time is always in short supply. We can become so involved with life that there is never enough time to have a relationship with God. Therein lies the problem. A relationship with God is never done when you have time. If you have time left over and if you are not too tired are solid reasons that show God how important he is to you. While he is on the things to do list, you have not put him first on the list.  At the same time, God wants a personal relationship with you not a relationship with you by what others believe you need to do.

Advertisers secretly make the claim that if you buy this car, the girls will flock all over the guys, but the real truth is that men are lucky to find a woman willing to associate with them. If you listen to the world, it always has the right product to solve your problems. When it is all said and done, by following the world's advice you will have the best that life has to offer, but not before you have been robbed of your time to know God.

Living up to the worlds standards means you have to out do what others have achieved during their lifetime. However, having wealth always means you will have plenty of friends as long as you share your wealth with them. Life can be a vicious circle that goes round and round, but no one gets all they want out of the world. Life is a struggle because it will limit what you can do and can't do. At the same time, if it were not for restrictions or reminders of what can happen, getting what the world has to offer would be easier said than done.

In this life, people with influence tell you how to do things, but they make more money at telling you how to do things than doing it themselves. Like sheep being led to the slaughter, everyone follows someone who appears to be successful at achieving the things you want. Success in life doesn't mean that you have to be rich with the things sold in the market place.  Success is the achievement of something desired and almost everyone desires eternal life in heaven.  If you want to go to heaven, I would suggest the plan that God wants you to use.

You can do all that is written in the law, be sanctified, be justified, and live by the spirit, but if you did not know God your efforts would be a waste of time. Success is the fulfillment of something we desired but are we seeking true life when it is written Jesus is the way and the truth and the life?

Who are we listening to? Life would be like solitary confinement if you had no one to share your life with. As Human beings we find relationships are important to us and to make our world worthwhile we provide for those related to us and make their lives comfortable.  At the same time we form social relationships with people of influence to be sociable, for their expertise and help in your times of need. Life is demanding and at times is more than one person can handle. Jesus said

In addition Paul says that salvation is a gift.

Therefore, your life and salvation depends more on Gods desire to save you than all you know to do. Everyone knows that you can not love a person you have never met. Consider the fact that God demands that you love him your entire being.

Its possible to know who lives in the house next to you but not know the person living there. In today's world you can know people that you have never met by mail, texting and telephone, but it still requires you to communicate with them. Loving God requires that you have a personal relationship with him so you need to develop a way to communicate with God. Then God wants you to love others as you love your self. That may sound simple until the world displays its selfish love.

The second problem that Christians have is to read and interpret the Bible. Man was given the inspired word of God to live by but not every word is clearly understood. The lack of understanding Godís word makes it difficult to know exactly what God really said unless you hear the truth straight from God. Paul said,

That sounds pretty simple and straightforward but unless you know where those words are located you could easily read past Ephesians 5:10 without hearing them. We also think God speaks in terms that we can not understand when the truth is we don't really want to hear what God has to say. Even Christians have selective ears when they believe the teaching of men when the slightest error can alter what God has said. This means that you must consciously open your spirit's ears to hear God speak to you. However there is something we need to understand. God and Satan dwell in the spiritual realm and if God can talk to you so can Satan.

God is a spirit of truth and Satan a deceiver and the father of lies.

Therefore, it is important to know who you are listening to because there is no easy way to know who is whispering in your spiritual ears. The majority of people in the world will perish because the gospel is foolishness to them.

Lies are common place in the world and you don't have to go looking for what you perceive on a regular basis. Truth on the other hand is like mining gold. You have to know where to find it, search for it and then analyze it for purity. Other wise, truth is everywhere but itís not easily seen and has to be pointed out at times. Even then you have to verify the truth with what is known and what conforms to reality.

 Christians have an advantage of being born again, as they are given the Holy Spirit who guides them into all truth. By spending time with God reading and studying his word, you will learn about God and you should expect God to speak to you through his spirit and word. Take time to ask God questions about his word and God will answer you. Understand this, anytime God has answered your prayer you will know that you have spoken to God and he heard you, therefore, you have a relationship with God.

When God is speaking to you the words or phrases of the Bible often jump off the page at you. God knows how to get your attention, stir up your interest, and invite you to listen the words he wants you hear. On the most part, you must have the desire to hear from God and be attuned to hear God's voice. You also need to respond to God in the same manner as God answers your prayers. God wants an exchange of ideas from you to him in a form of a conversation.  There is one handicap that all Christians have, the cares of this world and the desire for wealth choke the word and the truth of his word will never bear fruit. it is the major cause why men miss the opportunity to hear from God.

The best way to know God better is to work with him in the harvest fields asking God to use you to reach his goals. In the same way, God wants you as his children to work beside him while he is building his Kingdom. Taking part in church activity and behaving the way your father expects is a good place to start. Volunteer to work in a God centered ministry in your local area outside the church. God is training his children how to rule their lives, so be a leader that shows others they too can live a Godly life while helping others less fortunate. What you see as a major issue may be exactly what God is calling you to as his solution to that problem.

Is there any easier way? Knowing God will involve disputes over your behavior, because you are son or daughter of God. God wants you to have the best that life can offer and to achieve his goals, your father places limits on what you can do.  These limits prevent you from potential harm, just as you demand that your kids donít climb the trees so they wont fall and get injured. No, there is no easier way.

Have you ever consider yourself as a child of God? Try that thought on for size for it is a spiritual truth of your life. You have a father of the flesh that you can relate to but God is the father of all men. God is a father that wants to nurture to maturity in the fullness of Jesus Christ. God wants you to live with integrity, have his nobility, and have self-respect for the way you live. All of these characteristics are associated with God.

Christian life is not easy because you have to resist the way the world does things and the oppression of Satan. Just as Jesus overcame the world you can to because he will always be at your side with the advice you need.

Within the words of the passage above are words displaying devotion to his father and the knowledge that his fatherís word leads to eternal life. Guided by his words Jesus said this,

Who are we listening to? There is no other name by which you can be saved and that way is through Jesus Christ.  Is There Any Easier Way? No! It is the only way.


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