I Am The Lord

Then you will know that I am the Lord are words that men will fully understand the truth of these words from hindsight. They are words better understood when you are fully committed to a plan of action because there is always a chance when itís too late to change your plan. They are also words that tell you about judgment day warning you of impending danger of sin that went unheeded and now before the judgment seat of God you face the consequences. They are words only understood when you have been caught tried and convicted. Now because those words went unheeded you are being taken to a place of incarceration. Itís then they will know that I am the Lord who keeps his word and lets no sin go unpunished.

Then they will know that I am the Lord are words that politely say in light of Godís judgment God told you so. Through Godís prophets he warned you beforehand of what would happen but you would not listen. God plans his actions before they are executed to preserve his holiness so that even his righteous wrath is holy justified.

These words were expressed some fifty times within the book of Ezekiel to specifically reveal what God was planning to do. They had one thing in common every time God spoke about the sins of man the punishment that would fall on the ungodly was true. In the midst of their punishment they would know the Lord was just.    

Before your very eyes the sins that grieved God in biblical times are being committed today. For the same reasons men are not listening to the warnings God is giving through his prophets in this day and age.  When you think about the wrath of God his wrath is just as imminent as the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ when everyone will receive an reward according to the way they live. Still men live without restraining their actions and live as they see fit.

There is still time for Jesus said unless you repent you will perish. Judgment day is coming so take time to listen to God who said;

We were reconciled to God through the death of Jesus Christ and the atonement God revealed has already been accomplished. You still have the time to accept Jesus into your life and with that eternal life if you continue to believe in the name of Jesus.

By the same token, if you were to become a naturalized citizen of the United States you would take an oath pledging you allegiance and loyalty to the United States. Letís take time to consider that Heaven is Godís home and the seat of Godís kingdom. Entrance into his kingdom is through adoption but to be adopted as Godís child when you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord. Those words become a binding covenant of peace with God; and just as you took an oath to the United States you also pledge to serve your Lord the rest of your life and in return you receive citizenship in heaven.

God presented man with a plan of salvation where we enter into a covenant and personal relationship with God. The plan of salvation meets the requirements of a holy God through a commitment to God that satisfies and agrees with Godís sense of justice.   The plan of salvation is available to those who seek God and are willing to listen to his word.

The most common reason for men rejecting God is their unwillingness to listen to God. They donít want to be preached at or hear the word of God. They are filled with pride that prefers to be accepted by God because they have lived better than others. They are arrogant because they are telling God they have lived a moral life and for one reason or another and have the audacity to justify them self before a God who is looking for a humbled condition of the heart.

The pride of man does not know that God can think from his own outlook on life. He doesnít know that God thoughts are different from the way mankind thinks. Man is not concerned with consequences that will not happen during his lifetime however God must be concerned because there is no end of life for him. God takes advantage of his experience and knows that man is deceitful and manipulates things and people to their advantage.

Man has the autonomy to think as he so chooses. However the minute there is no restraint and when the end justifies the means; man does as he sees fit.

When you look at the Ten Commandments these law restrains you from destroying your relationships with others by doing things you wouldnít want done to you. However if you obey Godís Ten Commandments you demonstrate the reverence for God and the love of God. At the same time these laws establish the Holy and moral boundaries of God that he wants man to adopt.

The bible says man is destined to die and then face judgment (Hebrews 9:27). On the day of Judgment everything that God said would happen came to pass in our life. Our life will pass before us as we give account of our life to God. God knows your coming and goings and defines what your core values are by your deeds. But he wants you to know that he is the only one who will determine your eternal destiny.

On that day you will know there is no rescue from your neglect and rejection of God. The person who rejects Jesus Christ as Lord will be rejected by the father and will spend eternity away from the presence of a God. Yet men perish because of the choices they made during their lifetime.

God has given men the choice of life and death but are we listening to the God who had a purpose for creating mankind. God also created a place of wonders beyond our imagination; a place where God is glorified and the peace of God resides. God also created a place of torment reserved for the angels who rebelled against him. God has also made the knowledge that he will reward known to mankind for accepting or rejecting his plan.

Due to the lack of knowledge we automatically reject Godís plan and it has a alternate destiny of eternal torment and where the wicked will have no rest. On judgment day you will learn when God has had enough of your sin and deal harshly with your sin. Sin is sin in Godís eye for sin has no sliding scale or way to measure its degree of evil. Those who sin will be treated the same as those who refused to have Jesus as Lord and king of their life.

Life is precious and for this reason God does not want anyone to perish. At the same time death means that you cannot partake of the wonders of eternal life. Life that far exceeds what we know in this age where everyone loves you with the love of God. The choice is simple; life or death but death is guaranteed when you donít know how to prevent the consequence for sin. When they face God they will know that I Am the Lord.  2/28/2014

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