Good Intentions Of Theology

While leading Christian theologians with good intentions develops theological terms, some are misleading. Still the problem may be more a choice of words than anything else, but the terms used by God are more reliable and have more meaning. On the other hand theological terms have good intentions but favor some ideas that God has not committed himself to do.

For example, the term pre-tribulation rapture is not found in Godís word that was given to man. The theology of the pre-tribulation rapture incorporates the idea that Jesus Christ will come for his elect and gather them through what is known as the rapture and leave behind those who are not found in Christ. Then those left behind will have a second chance to be saved, but at the same time, they will face the beast and horrible end time that their beliefs say will follow. Unfortunately, the present theology doesnít really consider the whole counsel of Godís word. To the contrary God said,

God hasnít changed his plan nor is the sword of the spirit gotten so out-of-date that it can no longer be used in spiritual warfare. Revelation 20:4 reminds Christians that many saints were beheaded or slain by the sword due to their testimony of Jesus Christ. On some web sites we can find reports that over 5,000 men and women have been beheaded in the last five years. During the Iraqi war, Al qaeda and Taliban sects were known to have beheaded five Americans by Islam militants who through their religious beliefs want to rid their nation of foreign influence, especially those who have become Christians.

The idea of the Pre-tribulation rapture may not be a new but its validity is somewhat in doubt. Why would God take his saints out of this world when the scriptures plainly state that the saints (Christians) will be handed over to the beast of the end times? Is God the same today, yesterday and tomorrow or a God of confusion?  The scriptures that describe the oppression of Satan during the end times may be considered too disgusting for Christians to think about. Is it possible for Christians to accept anything that makes them to believe that God will not allow them to go through that time all together?

The theology of men has gone to extremes to expound on Greek words for the sole purpose of getting the full depth and true meaning of the words used in the bible. While the true meaning may be interesting to some, how the word has been used is more important than all the research made to have the true meaning. According to theology rapture refers to being carried away in ecstasy.  However the biblical use of the word speaks of delight but never in regards to the Second Coming.

The Greek word Harpazo expresses a violent use of force to seize, capture, snatch, steal or tear something away and in most translations of the bible the term caught up is used in 1 Thessalonians 4:17. Two other examples of the word harpazo is used in the New Testament are as follows.

Rapiemur is the Latin equivalent to the Greek word Harpazo and the base word Rapiemur is derived from was then translated into American English to become the word rapture. However the American language was developed over time in an unusual manner. The America nation has accepted immigrants from nearly every country of the world and with them came their culture, traditions and portions of their languages.

The American language derived words from other languages with other definitions for the same word.  The American use of the word Rapture expresses delight where the Greek expresses the use of force to seize, capture, snatch, steal or tear something away, but not the thought of being carried away in a heighten state of excitement and joy. The point is that the American nuance for the word rapture is not up to par with the Greek word Harpazo or the Latin word Rapiemur.

An example of how the American language has changed the way rapture is used can be found in the Amplified, Darby and Weymouth versions of the bible.

Although the Greek word Harpazo or the Latin word Rapiemur are compatible it is not in agreement with the way rapture is used in the American language. However, due to ignorance, Christians have accepted the nuance of heighten ecstasy from their spiritual leaders. The Greek word Harpazo is used 18 times in the next 14 verses, but in each of the following verses the nuance of delight and ecstasy is missing.

Lets face the music to realize the experts can not agree regardless of their field of expertise.  False doctrines and teachings linger in the church because Christians do not,

Christians take it for granted that those with a list of degrees as long as your arm and experts in spiritual matters are correct.  Christians prefer to hear to the experts of the church rather than study his word to listen to what God has to say on the same subject. Lets also remember that the human nature doesn't want to hear things that make them feel uncomfortable, instead they want to know that they won't suffer by knowing the truth.

God said,

There are several doctrines that convey ideas and principles expressed in ways contrary to Godís word. Do you as a Christian test what you are being taught against the word of God?

Everyone on the face of the earth is subject to being deceived on important issues, even when they do the math.  However, we allow the things of the earth to rob our time to study Godís word when doing our homework demands our time. When you think about it the reason that you canít find time to seek God should reveal the priority you have for God.  Let's remember that the lack of knowledge leaves the Christians helpless. God said,

Can we quote the promises God has made and know where they can be found?  Many Christians can quote the scriptures, but not exactly as God promised. Remember if you can refuse to honor any promise you did not make, by the same token can you expect God to honor promises he did not make? Are you disappointed when your friends say I didnít promise that and are you aware that faith can be quenched when God does not meet the expectations you and other Christians have? In the spiritual war, who benefits the most from the lies that delude the body of Christ?

Men and women who live by the words God left unspoken have delusions? Unfortunately, we find out that we have been deceived after the fact and when you can do nothing to correct your situation. God is not the author of confusion and if anything, God wants you to understand him and personally and be certain of what he has expressed so you may live up to his expectations. We must make time to listen to our father for he has the wisdom we need.

As Christians we must consider that Satan has been around much longer than we have. He is an expert liar and very capable of deceiving the elect. With Jesus Christís help we have every reason of overcoming the world, but we can not overcome the world without knowing the truth. The truth sets us free and it is our responsibility to know the truth word of truth and as we grow in Christ, we must learn how to handle the truth like a sword.



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