Godís Anointing

In the Old Testament God chose someone and appointed him to serve under his authority the remainder of his lifetime. After God selected this person, God sent a prophet that poured a generous amount of anointing oil on the person head. This anointing meant that God had ordained them and had given them power and authority to do something specific.

People were not the only things anointed. The tabernacle equipment were anointed and set-aside for sacred specifically used for worship of God. The plates, tables, lamps, forks, spoons, in fact everything including the structure of the tabernacle that was used for the worship of God was anointed with oil.

In addition, both High Priest and Israelís King were anointed and ordained with this sacred oil. Many times God sent a prophet with a flask of oil to pour over the personís head ordaining him to do something special. Anointing was the initial act that ordained Godís chosen man for the rest of his life. Whether it was of priest or kings those anointed received a commission that was passed down to their descendants as an inheritance.

Those anointed and chosen by God were set apart and had Godís authority to affect the lives of men. God demanded that these men live holy lives keeping the word of God close to their hearts. Those who chose not to live by the moral standards of God were stripped of their positions.

Aaron and his four sons Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar were the first priests to be anointed. They were first washed, given clean clothes to wear and then anointed. When Nadab and Abihu failed to honor God by offering improper incense, God struck them down and they were permanently removed from service in the tabernacle.

Elisha wanted a double portion of Elijah anointing so, God honored Elishaís choice to succeed Elijah by anointing him as prophet. Long after he died two dead men were thrown into his grave and they came back to life.

The majority of men anointed as King of Israel were not above reproach but were taken in the condition they were found. Saul was sleeping in the traveling supplies, David was shepherding his fathers sheep and called in from the field, Solomon was anointed while his brother was claiming to be king, And Jehu was drinking while taking a break with his comrades when Godís prophet anointed him king.

Under the new covenant some things remained the same, yet God is still building a Kingdom of priests that Peter calls a royal priesthood. In this covenant, Christ has become the High Priest in the order of Melchizedek. In this role Jesus Christ like Melchizedek became the person chosen to anoint those God has called into his service. In Christís case, his appointment was not based the law or his ancestry, but on an indestructible life. Because of his indestructible life he can serve God and mankind for an eternity.

John spoke of another anointing specifically with you in mind.

Paul explains it this way.

You are the holy one God has chosen and appointed  to a lifetime of service under his authorit. This anointing that sets you apart for Godís service is called sanctification. By anointing you, you have been given the authority and have been empowered make disciples by taking the gospel message wherever you go. This also gives you the assurance that God will protect you while you are doing his work. Take this word to heart.

Letís remember that Jesus Christ has also ordained you as a king to rule under the leadership of God. Like Elisha, this is a role that you choose to accept and one that you find to be an outstanding way to live.



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