Godís Wrath Is Coming

Are we allowing ungodly men to form and lead a rebellion against God? I ask this question because people who want to live as they see fit are going to attorneys to fight their battles in the highest courts of our land. The outcome perverts the laws established by God but allows men to live as if they were not subject to Godís wrath. What was lawful when our nation was formed is now unconstitutional and those holding high positions are applauding that kind of decisions so they may be reelected.

Will God listen to your pleas when you refuse to listen to his? God can do only so much with people who refuse to listen to him. Our nationsí pledge of allegiance states one nation under God and our currency proclaims in God we trust but our courts are now permitting the American citizen to rebel against God and serve him when it is convenient. The rulings from the highest courts of our land are creating a nation with double standards by eliminating the need to obey God.

God has a better concept to our new laws with a single goal.  God can send many messengers hundreds of times but when the people refuse to listen and reform their lives he will discipline them. Regardless how our laws are written God will call us to account for what we have done. God is the absolute ruler of his creation because we live by every word that proceeds from his mouth.  

These nine justices are involved in the fairness of the law rather than the morality of men. Are we listening to God or to nine Justices who are publically rejecting Godís law in favor of the strict letter of the law and the desires of man that leads to moral corruption? The natural man looks and listens to leadership they can see and hear and these nine men are what they are looking to for guidance. The spiritual man can see and hear God though it is not with their physical eyes and ears. On the other hand the rulings of this court are corrupting the character of America and in time destroy our nation.

The history of mankind reveals the mistakes natural men make but wisdom reveals what God did to his chosen people after they had fallen from his grace and refused to repent. Without a concern for their actions our nation is becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah by sinning in plain sight of God. Sodom and Gomorrah did not repent and received the just consequence of ignoring God were destroyed by fire.

Noah preached salvation to his generation but they too did not listen. The people of Noahís generation did not survive the abundance of water God gave them.

Beware the days of luxuries, joy and entertainment will soon vanish as God will turn his back on you and let your evil deeds be justly rewarded. By refusing to make room for God in your lives God will eternally refuse you room in his eternal household. Before that happens remember the golden rule Ė do unto others as you would have them do to you. In addition consider that you reap what you sow and what goes around comes around. These may be just sayings men use but there is a principle truth in them. You may not want God involved in your life but God loves you so much that he will honor your wishes. By the same token rejecting God gives God the right to reject you from receiving citizenship in Heaven.

Because of the evil deeds; involuntary or intentional sin will separate you from God. The principle is simple, sins separates God from you and places a barrier between you and God. God demands that you turn from wickedness, and revere him by seeking him with all of your heart.

God gave us an example of Jonah to give an ear too. God sent Jonah to Nineveh to preach a simple message Ė Forty more days and Nineveh will be overturned. The Ninevites believed God and repented.

God had compassion and forgave them and restored their relationship with the Ninevites. Godís forgiveness removed the barrier of sin and his forgiveness that followed gives you a standing as if you had never sinned against God.

By the same token the todayís people need Godís forgiveness because the court is making what God declared immoral - legal in our society. Even though 70% of Americans oppose same sex marriage the court has confirmed it to be constitutional. Decisions like this takes America one step closer to the condition of sin Sodom and Gomorrah when God rained fire upon it.  What are Americans doing to reverse this trend?

The Kings of Israel worshipped Idols that permitted Israel to turn from God. Regardless of the leader people follow the leader to gain benefit from them. People followed the good kings prospered but when Israel followed the desires of evil kings the whole nation suffered under the wrath of God.  God sent repressive nations to conquer their land who ruled ruthlessly. When they repented God sent a deliverer.

America saw a need to repent right after September 11 but as soon as this event lost its potential threat of danger; Americans went back to leaving God out of their lives. Will God remember the interest of Americans to obey him when they continue to ignore him?  God has made his existence plain to everyone and has shown a pattern of what he does to those who ignore his authority.  Americans should ask the question do we know what God wants of us.

When men are committed to doing the evil God detests; their deeds ruins the sacredness of life and the social order men have developed to live in. For this reason God disciplines mankind to correct the behavior of his children to restore a peaceful life of order.  It rained on the people of Sodom and Gomorrah and the floodgates of heaven opened on the men Noah preached to. God has sent his prophets to warn us of what he will do to restore the social order of life he desires, but are we listening? Godís wrath is always harsh but as in Ninevehís case his grace was eternal.

Americaís leaders have turned from God but do we have to follow men that are driving us from God? Americans need to take a stand to let our leaders know we oppose their decisions. Our leaderís decisions may seem fair to them but how do Christians feel about them?

Islamic radicals are taking a stand by waging Jihad but this may be the way God is disciplining America. We will come under Godís wrath and if America continues in the path its going we will suffer for the deeds of our leaders. Godís wrath is coming closer every day but are we going to lift our hands to warn people of what is coming? Are we going to prepare mankind for the Day of Judgment when God comes for his elect?

God had compassion on Nineveh when they repented and his pattern to forgive men of their sin remains the same. America is in the same boat Nineveh was and for this reason God wants us to repent from the sin our leaders indulging in and is making sin acceptable.

America needs to repent from the laws man has changed that degrade human lives. More importantly Christians need leaders that stand up for the laws God has given to mankind. Greater still Christians primarily need to obey God and work out their salvation with God. The laws enacted by our courts can be changed to meet Godís standards but Christians have to let their light shine. 12/02/2015

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