God and Creation

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. In ten simple words heaven and the earth have an origin and a way to explain the existence of life to mankind. Those who cannot accept this explanation are in the minority as God is reflected in everything he created. The creation of the heavens and of the Earth has always been a controversy based on the understanding how things were created. The first three verses of Genesis give an account of God creating the heavens and the earth.

Men of science have argued a number of theories in the past and depending on the expert they are no closer to knowing the reality of creation ever since creation. Scientist may be learning more at a faster pace but scientific proof of evolution hasnít changed much over the last hundred years. The experts of science still say the origin of the earth best expressed in what is called the big bang theory. Whatís worse is that the term theory is defined differently in the scientific community than defined by the religious community. Again one view of the big bang theory is that life as we know it evolved from a huge explosion. Another view of the big bang theory is based on past archeological discoveries that all life came into being about the same time. The problem is, when you believe anything strong enough, you can come up with reasons to support your beliefs.

We can see the beauty the ocean, cascading waterfalls, canyons, wildlife, sunsets and rainbows with the full knowledge that all these sights give glory to God. Nearly everything God created has a dual purpose and was created to last forever. Every living thing has an impact on its surroundings. Yet the environment constantly changes due the rotation of the earth on its axis, which changes the seasons of the year and the weather patterns. Temperature also changes the appearance of the clouds and the direction of the wind. In addition, we find that every form of life has a support system with a food chain that has lasted for thousands of years. The very nature that every living species on earth contains a balanced stability, which is so stable to support creation by intelligence.

The theology of creation is less confusing than the scientific theory of evolution, but again these theories depend on the expert who is the interpreting the facts. The concept of God speaking the heavens and the earth into existence doesnít agree with the laws of science. However, it does agree with a faith in a superior being.

Christians have no doubts that God created the heavens and the earth. However, one interpretation of Genesis 1 states that God spoke things into existence from nothing, which seems to ignore other portions of Godís word. For example, If God spoke every thing into existence why would God need to rest from his work of creating?

The bible also refers to creation this way.

God is straightforward and uses terms that men can understand but what he says and how he says it, has so much depth that it only makes sense after a great deal of consideration. God used terms such as - work 3 times - made 6 times Ė gathered 2 times - separated 2 times Ė make 1 time in the creation account. Those words indicate a hands on approach with an effort that include physical exertion. Just as Elohiym speaks of a plural God, lets take time to consider that God commanded certain things regarding creation in Genesis but God also made every thing that was made.

Let us also consider that God plans everything he does, which has been agreed upon by each member of the divine. That is to say, God also believes in doing things in one accord. And God said, let there be --- was a command of God. So by faith

 Still God allows man to understand that following Godís command of ďlet there beí God used words such as formed, made, gathered, separated, make, showing the effort that was applied in creating the earth. When God said, and it was so, the work was completed. The earth was completed in six days, but on the seventh day he rested from all his work. Genesis 2:1.

With God all things are possible and making things from nothing would be a quality that only God is capable of. Still the creation as seen in Genesis 1:2 shows a picture of God hovering as if brooding over the surface of the deep that was formless and empty. Through Peter we learn that by God's word the heavens existed and the earth was formed out of water. 2 Peter 3:5 and in revelation we learn.

The river of the water of life flows from the throne of God and may be a convenient source of materials to create the heavens and earth from. Anyone who has studied the physical appearance of God knows that the basics of life emanate from God in many forms such as light, water, and air. The question being can we see feasible picture of water coming from God?

In the first chapter of Ezekiel, Ezekiel saw a vision of God. God and the area above the four living creatures who escort God, sat a being high and lifted up having a figure of a man seated on a throne. Around the throne Ezekiel saw surrounding this person what looked like sparkling ice. Like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the radiance around him. God was emitting a mist from his being that would create the rainbow Ezekiel described.

This phenomenon is common at Niagara Falls especially on warm days and the water falling explodes into a mist to create a number of rainbows. Some are faint and others vivid. On a summer day, turn the water hose on, point the hose toward the sun at waist level and restrict the water to a fine mist. The mist will take on the look of sparkling ice and will refract the sunlight so you can see the colors of the rainbow.

Within the vision Ezekiel saw the presence heat, light, an atmosphere, sound and water can be seen and heard. All of these elements are qualities needed to sustain life as we know it. It is also possible that God used the abundance of these elements that comes from his being to create the things we perceive with our senses.

God is life and the elements that create and support life emanate from him. Man is more reliant on God to sustain their physical life than they realize. God hasnít stopped creating these life-giving elements and in Heaven we will be directly exposed to the source of abundant life. When this earth we live on is over God is going to make everything new. He invites you to take advantage of his offer of immortality, but it requires you to create a life that pleases God in the process.



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