End Times Series

Abomination That Causes Desolation

Length of The End Times

Resurrection of The Lost

The Antichrist Deception

Battle of Armageddon

Lets Talk About Tribulation

Satan Alias The Beast

The End times

Christs coming in Revelation

Point of Death

Satans War With The Saints


End Time Comparison

Rapture Defined


Who Goes Through The Tribulation?

His Coming

Resurrection during the Tribulation

The Anti-Christ






The beliefs I develop from study trouble me because they radically differ as you will see from the established tenets of the Church. My beliefs and are beginning to convince me that there is something wrong with my thinking process. As a result I have reexamined the same passages taking a different approach to see what develops. This may be somewhat time consuming, but I spent more time on the subject and find additional information to support the right conclusion.

However, every teacher should know this one principle, you can't tell other people what to think and you canít shape the minds of other Christians just because you believe what you are teaching. Your job as a teacher is to present an abundance of facts and let the facts help them to choose what they want to believe. That is where I stand, I present the facts and allow you to believe whatever you want.

I am a stickler for using the same words that are found in Godís word, because it keeps you on the same page with me, on the same subject and thinking the way God inspires me to think. Common terms are important when your eternal life is based on the truth of Godís word and when you teach, common terms become essential. Teaching from a printed format requires that you use a common terms so that everyone can be thinking alike and headed in the same direction.



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