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I donít know about you, but when I create something to serve my needs and it doesnít meet my expectations, I do one of three things. The first option is to work a little longer with it in hopes of solving and fixing the problems. The second option is to tear it apart and start over. After some hair pulling and having some totally frustrating moments the final step is to stop wasting your time and destroy that thing.

I think all of us have all been in the situation where the cake wasnít fit to eat, everything you did to repair the car failed. Itís just little things that frustrated you to no end. So you take the car to the mechanic and he has the car running in five minutes saying the gas tank was empty. Easy to overlook, but makes you feel stupid. On the other hand thereís was no hope for the cake so it went into the trash. If you think you have the right to be frustrated and ready to vent your anger, listen to this.

How do you think God feels when his ultimate creation falls short of his glory and sins? How is God suppose to feel when he has made his divine nature known to his creation and his creation refuses to do three things. They refuse to understand and acknowledge his authority, that he created them, and we were designed to serve his purposes.

When I compare what I do to my creations to what God is doing to make his creation acceptable for his kingdom I see those same reasons. Neither God nor I want to discard our creation or treat it like trash to be burned in the fire. However we all been frustrated to the point where we like God can say enough is enough.

How do you respond when your creation absolutely refuses to do what you design it to do and nothing you have done to fix the problem works?  I have wondered if God gave us children, so that we could understand the reasons he was grieved for creating man. I hate to say it but there were times I wish my child had never been born, as all I want to do is to ring their neck. Thank God I have not gotten to the point of disowning that child and today my child is married and turned into a person that is respected among her peers.

God is in a similar situation as every human being he created is one of his children. He has reached a point where he was grieved that he ever created man, just like that unruly brat I was trying to raise that struck me repeatedly, spoke back to me and refused to do anything I asked. I was angry and tanning some hide didnít appear to be working either. Manís relationship with the father in heaven is on the blink too.  Men pushes his luck to see how far they can go before God reacts in anger.   

Look at the men and women of Sodom and Gommorah were doing to one another?  They did whatever they wanted without restraining themselves and because of this they had no concern for the person affected by their behavior. Without restraint or discipline from inside there are no limits what men do as long as it doesnít affect you personally.

Listen to what God said to Hosea,

God said, There is no faithfulness, no love or acknowledgment of God in the land.  These characteristics are essential for relationships that last a lifetime. Godís law contains a set of principles to guide ones life with a respect for other living beings. In other words you need to conduct yourself in a worthy manner that shows respect for your creator, yourself and every living person you encounter during your lifetime.  

God continued by saying that there is only cursing, lying and murder, stealing and adultery; they break all bounds. Sounds like what is going on in the world today because the world is breaking all bounds and it seem as if there is no extreme that men will go to have his or her way. Like Sodom and Gommorah God sees men that are self-motivated, self-centered and show a lack of concern and respect for other living beings. When there is no respect for God there is no respect anyone.  When God said they break all bounds it meant that men ignore the laws of common decency.  These laws are for your benefit as they enable you to be treated in the same manner that you treat them. Paul explained that you reap what you sow and in this manner your actions will produce the way others treat you.

The fact is you can make millions of rules or laws to insure prosperity and a life of happiness, but unless there is some sort of respect for authority those laws are only great ideas written on paper. Secondly, the designated authority must be able to enforce the laws designed to protect the lives it protects. Man has the police and the courts to administer justice, but even justice has been perverted with bribes.

However, every human being will see Godís justice at least once in their lifetime. God is not concerned with race or color of mankind for God does not look on the outward appearance of the body that will be left behind. God is more concerned with the spirit of man and the manner he thinks. God wants his children to have a respect for life and adopt his set of morals to conduct himself in a prudent manner. As God said,

What God is saying is that your thoughts are not spiritual, but worldly and those worldly thoughts produce the way you live.  As Jesus said,

Ultimately God encourages his children to renew their minds to think in a spiritual manner. God also encourages you to think in terms of the abundant life Jesus spoke of will last forever.

Among men, politicians are known for the promises they fail to keep. God is known for keeping his word.      

God is faithful, his word will accomplish his desire and achieve the purpose he guaranteed it to do. Because it is impossible for God to lie God is bound by his own moral standard to keep his word. Godís promises have a personal commitment to ensure that his word will be done as he agreed. The outcome of honoring his word develops trust in him and a benefit that enhances the life of those asking.

When comparing Isaiah 55:8-11 to Hosea 4:1-3 we can see the difference between the  thoughts and ways of God and those of man whose eyes are focused on personal needs and pleasure and are not concerned with other people.

Without a personal knowledge of God the moral condition of man will degrade and corrupt mankind. Ultimately God will reject those who have become corrupt. We have the example of men and women of Sodom and Gommorah who broke all bounds. The men and women of Sodom and Gommorah must not have had a redeeming value as the ashes of Sodom and Gommorah is all that remains today.  


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