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No man heard it, no man saw it and not one human being was present to experience Godís creation of heavens and the earth. Yet nearly every one who believes creation over evolution has an opinion of how God created the heavens and the earth.

Some say that God created what we can see, smell, hear and touch from nothing Ė and there may be some merit to that idea. However, it just as easy to say that God created the heavens and the earth from things readily available to God. None of us has first hand knowledge of the creation of heavens and the earth because even Adam and Eve were created after all the other things happened!

Some say that God spoke everything into being. The evidence of such a theory is found in the chapter on creation and again this theory has some merit. However, the knowledge that God said, ďLet there be heavens and earthĒ and there was heavens and the earthĒ are no where to be found in the creation account.  So the theory that God spoke everything into being may not be completely true either.

Scriptures bear the true method in which the heavens and the earth were created and it is the one I prefer to believe.

While the heavens and earth were formed at Godís command Jesus Christ made everything that was made. When God said let there be Ė Jesus went to work making the things God that commanded to exist or be made. Creating the heavens and the earth must have depleted or at least been tiring to God as we see that he rested from all the work he had been doing.

In the second verse of Genesis we are given a mental picture of the spirit of God moving over a formless, void and obscure surface of what we now call the earth. We find that the original language is rich in meaning and there are a large number of ideas to explore. For example, the word hover is also rendered flutter, move, and shake and has a primitive root word expressing the idea of brooding. A process something like a hen that keeps her egg warm until the egg hatches and produces a chick.  In the first five days of creation, God created everything required to support the life of every living creature that God created on the sixth day.

The bible tells us that God is life, but what we may not understand is that in the visions given to the prophets of his person illustrate the basic elements of life itself.  They are light, air, fire and water. From these we can hypothesize that God created everything we perceive with our senses using the knowledge he gave us of the creation. These visions also express the aspect that God is able to communicate with his creation.  However John 1:10-11 tells us that although the world was made through Jesus Christ it did not recognize or receive him.

We can see the basic elements of life from the visions of Godís glory found in Ezekiel 1:22-28, Daniel 7:9-14 and Revelation 4:2-5 and other scriptures. However, letís not forget the physical appearance of God descending on Mount Sinai covered with fire and thick smoke. He appeared before Moses and about a million Israelites in Exodus 19:16-19, it was such an awesome sight that the people trembled.

The glory of God is seen in a various levels from his creation to the heights where he sits high and lifted up on his throne.  John tells us that a crystal clear river of water of life, was seen flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb Revelation 22:1.  We know that the river of the water of life flows through Heaven past the tree of life and from there half to the eastern sea and half to the western sea.

We may also ask if the floodgates of the heavens were a figure of speech for God open the floodgates of the heavens and it rained continuously for forty days.

Was the river of water of life stored is some sort of reservoir so that its floodgates could be opened for such an occasion. If God has reserved water it is also possible while God was hovering over the deep the water that the water of the earth may have come from Godís storehouse. This only a theory because I donít know this to be fact. I wasnít there.

 Still under the throne of God is another layer and in this layer are four living creatures. These awesome creatures are not like anything we are accustomed to seeing and the sight of them may be quite intimidating. They are a testimony to the creative capability of God to create a living life form that man will never understand.

We can speculate that the human form of these creatures accompanies the rings wherever they go because they appear to be a unit. These creatures stand beside a huge ring within a ring and their spirit dwells within the rings covered entirely with eyes. From this description I get a mental picture of rings similar to an atomic symbol or something like a gyroscope. These creatures of human form are also covered with eyes and we may understand their may be some significance for these eyes.  It may only be incidental that the bible says,

Although these creatures had human form they had entirely different features. Each had a head with four faces, that of a man, an ox, a lion, and the face of an eagle. They all had four wings, hands like man, straight legs and feet like a calf.  These creatures glowed as embers of burning coal that moved from one creature to another and in addition, lightning flashed from among them.

Its no wonder that the Israelites trembled at the sight, lightning has been known to shatter well-established trees and appears at times to stretch across the length of the sky. In addition thunder and lightning was seen and heard (Exodus 9:23) when the judgment of hail fell on Egypt. Thunder and lightning can be dazzling as well as destructive and for the most part, rainstorms are normally associated with thunder and lightning. However I have seen lightning and heard thunder on days when there was no storms of any kind in sight. The sights and sounds of lightning and thunder get your attention for it is the awesome power of God being displayed.

Thunder can be mild rumbling in the distance, but it can also shake the ground and everything around you. However thunder is so frightening that your children will climb in bed with you and cling to you for dear life.  Thunder and lightning displays are frightening because it makes you aware that you have no control over the conditions it creates and what happens to you. More so when lightning strikes in close proximately and thunder is deafening to your ears, the sights and sounds leaves you feeling helpless in its quake.

The coming and going of God within the bible is marked with thunder and lightening.   Yet God is always in control. On the third day God announced his coming by descending on Mount Sinai with thunder and lightning and the Israelites trembled in reverence.  On the other hand the Egyptians were petrified unable to respond to God's judgment in their strength.

Thunder and lightning is used to give glory to God, but it is also used to demonstrate his power with authority.

Still, these creatures contain sights that further picture the glory of God, sights that gain our attention. Our eyes will focus upon the glory of God and the brilliance of light coming from a figure like that of a man. In the expanse above this figure is something resembling a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day.

The rainbow indicates that there is an atmosphere of air and a fine mist of water (possibly rain) surrounding the person of God.  When these elements are combined with light and an atmosphere, they produce a curved spectrum of colors we know as a rainbow.

The glory of God represented by rainbows is also produced in other wonders of Godís creation. The pounding of falling water at Niagara Falls produces a mist of water that travels downstream. Itís not too unusual during the summer months to see several rainbows between the falls and the Rainbow Bridge at the same time.

The same conditions are found in the glory of God. First the bible (Ezekiel 1:22) tells us that above the heads of the living creatures was what looked like an expanse or like the arc of the sky. Then Ezekiel 1:28 tells us that the sky was lit up with the radiance of God but the sky was overcast with clouds like a rainy day and a rainbow was seen. Science tells us that raindrops are formed when the atmospheric moisture condenses and unites with other droplets during their descent. When we consider how rain is formed we can visualize water being formed within Godís glory. Letís also consider that Ezekiel saw what looked like sparkling ice. As moisture condenses into tiny droplets they will sparkle like ice in the brilliance of light. Finally, these droplets of rain fall beneath the throne of a God (Revelation 22:1) and the living creatures where the river of the water of life flows.

However, there is a serious side to all of this speculation and conjecture. We as Christians make fun of the evolutionist who believes in the big bang theory, the origin of the original cell, of natural selection and every other theory that man has developed. Yet they spent huge amounts of time studying what is known to develop a scientific explanation explaining the origin of life. However, if the evolutionist were to ask where God came from or about his origin, the Christian will say that God has always been and will always be. The Christian has to say the buck stops at God for he is always thee beginning or end. He is the first and the last. He was, he is, and he will come.

What we can say is that the evolutionist is not looking for anything but a scientific explanation for the origin of life. We can also say that the evolutionist will never find the origin of life until they look at creation as the handiwork of God. Many a Christian has studied the creation of the heaven and earth and they have concluded that God planned everything well in advance of creation.

God has plans for every man he created, plans that benefit their lives, plans that will give them a hope and a future.  However, God is no pushover, he is not a sugar daddy, and his plans do not include anything or anyone who will disrupt the peace and well being of his kingdom.  

Its not until after you have considered the glory of God that you discover that God is life and God is light.  However he is also,

a consuming fire                        a rock                                        a refuge

able                                          eternal life                                  ever present

exalted                                      good                                          gracious

Holy                                         just                                            merciful

Mighty                                      my salvation                               order

Peace                                       righteous                                    sovereign

Spirit                                       strong                                         truthful

United                                     wise

These words illustrate the glory of God with attributes that men appreciate, revere and admire. Still what would God be with out a means to show his creation the extent of his love?  All of Godís attributes describe his glory and are used for good of his creation. For example, Jesus came so all that who believe in him may have life, and have it to the full.

God has a plan for your life and his plan is a feasible way of obtaining your salvation. Itís a plan that you must search for, approve, accept and apply by faith. However, Godís plan is between him and you and involves a choice that you alone can make.

God has a plan for your life and his plan is a feasible way of obtaining your salvation. Itís a plan that you must search for, approve, accept and apply by faith. However, Godís plan is between him and you and involves a choice that you alone can make. Jesus made it all possible, he paid the price and gave life to those he chose.



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