The cornerstone gives the Christian a picture of how Christ is always the chosen a way of connecting God with man. There is only one way to describe the cornerstone with a spiritual tone, it is the intersection in life, a meeting point, where man and God can meet to associate with each other. That intersection is Jesus Christ, for Jesus Christ is the way and the life and through him we have access to the father.

We learn that at one time, the High Priest was chosen by ancestry from a line of Levitical Priests, but they had to atone for sins of Israel many times. God saw the need for a permanent High Priest to intercede on behalf of both sides of his new covenant. When God chose Christ as the High Priest of the New Testament, his appointment was not on the basis of a regulation as to his ancestry but on the basis of the power of an indestructible life Hebrews 7:16  Jesus Christ did not come from Levitical line of High Priests, but was chosen by God to became a guarantee of a better covenant because of his indestructible life. Due to his sinless life, Jesus Christ did not need to offer sacrifices day after day, first for his own sins, and then for the sins of the people. He sacrificed for their sins once for all when he offered himself. Hebrews 7:27 And due to his sinless life Jesus Christ was the perfect lamb needed for the perfect sacrifice needed to be done once for all. By accepting Jesus Christ into our lives Christians can take advantage of Godís grace to forgive us of our sins.

According to history the cornerstone was on the outside corner of the building foundation. Until recent years, the cornerstone was used as the hub where all measurements were taken and used to square up the building. This construction method is still used today to erect buildings properly, but God is using Jesus Christ as his hub as the point to square up our house into spiritual house where God can live.

 In Christ, you are equipped with everything good for doing his will and to rid your house of the leaven acquired in your lifetime. While in you Christ will sweep your house and throw the trash out so his father will have a holy place to reside. In him you will receive God's promises through faith, find the Grace and truth of God and have eternal life because he is at work rebuilding the shambles of a house neglected through sin.

Through Jesus Christ you were adopted as Godís sons and receive the strength to live a holy life. Previously you were a slave of sin, unable to resist the fear of death, but Jesus set you free through the forgiveness of your sins and now you have the Holy Spirit who guides you into all truth.

At one time the chief priests and teachers of the law, were the builders of God Kingdom. However, the Priests lost sight of their position and became a stumbling block to Godís plan. Ultimately God rejected the builders as Priests of his covenant for a hand picked man that overcame the world to become the corner stone of his church.

The capstone was placed on top to tie the building together. Like a roof, the capstone was an important part of the building, just as the death of Christ was an important part of the new covenant. Christís finished his work on the cross to die once for sin of man. The crowning achievement came three days later when God raised Christ from the grave and was seated at Godís right hand.

The cornerstone is an important part of a building, but how does this cornerstone apply to my life?

Paul laid the foundation for the expert builder and now Jesus Christ is in you working with building materials that came at the price of his life and the covenant you made with him.  Paul said that your body was the temple of the living God and Christ is in you to rebuild you unto a building designed for God to dwell in.  Paul described the temple where God lives by his Spirit in this manner.

A wise man builds his house on the rock for a solid foundation. The foundation has already been laid through the cross of Calvary and those coming to Jesus Christ for eternal life need to restructure their life to accommodate the need of an awesome God. Jesus knows what to do and you have to work with him so he may accomplish his Fatherís purpose. For this reason Jesus Christ became the cornerstone by which the whole building is joined together.

God asks that you take part in this rebuilding process through obedience.

How does Jesus Christ defend our lives to God? Our righteousness is not based on what we do, but our faith in the blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ became the mentor that we need to survive the world. Because Jesus Christ overcame the world, we can too. Remember this,

Do Christians know what it means to be in Jesus Christ? First let me say that your body is a container, something that you live in and something that God can pour his spirit into. You are a container having contents that can overflow at the discretion of the person who holds you in his hands.  In the same way Jesus Christ spoke of being united with God at least nine times in the book of John. In his description Christ said, I am in the father and the father is in me. In the same way when Christ comes into your life he doesnít come alone.

Jesus Christ, is still your access to God but he is in you. This picture is like putting God into an envelope, which is Jesus Christ, and placing Jesus Christ into another envelope, which is your heart. Consider this, Paul wrote that in Christ the fullness of deity lives. Because the fullness of deity lives Christ we have access to God and fellowship with the father.

Lets remember that sin separates God from man, but we are reconciled back to God through Christ.  The purpose of the cornerstone is serve as the platform to build a Christian life from. The cornerstone becomes a connector that overcomes the barriers that keep us apart and makes it possible to be linked to God.

Jesus Christ is called Emanuel, God in us even though Christians are still sinful by nature. As a man, Jesus was tempted and suffered in the same manner we do today. Since Christ ran the same race as men do today and went through same trials and tribulations that we have so he can help us run our race. Because of this he is the High Priest that is able to intercede for man on his behalf.

God is building a kingdom of kings and priests and Jesus Christ is a cornerstone of our faith and the Kingdom of God. In Christ the whole building becomes a dwelling place where you and God can have fellowship.


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