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What I have learned about the Tribulation period and the rapture is that neither term was inspired by God. Therefore, there are no clear definitions in the inspired scriptures to explain what the tribulation period and the rapture are. I prefer to seek and believe the word of God for clarity over the opinions of my fellow man. Christís return will occur according to Godís plan; therefore Godís word is the only reliable source of truth on the subject.

However, the opinions of Christians vary from pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation, and post-tribulation views depending on who one believes and what one understands of the rapture and the tribulation period.

In the attempt to reprove these terms from scratch I have concluded that the Tribulation Period is term that sounds biblical but a term that is not associated with a bible reference that describes it. Instead the Tribulation Period has become a time period that Christians want to avoid because of its punishment of mankind.  However, if anyone is to understand Godís plan for his second coming we must understand his plan was decreed before the creation of the world.  

On the other hand, God may be saying that he wants you to learn to rely on him if you expect to endure what he commanded would take place. Letís consider why John wrote

Isnít Revelation 13 associated with what we understand with the traditional teaching about the tribulation period? 

Another teaching on Christís return says that 1 Thessalonians 4:17 isnít the second coming because Jesus does not set his feet on the earth. Sounds impressive so why does the scriptures say

Why does Jesus need to set his feet on the earth when his angels will gather all of mankind to him for the purpose of sorting the good from the bad? The scripture states Godís reason in this manner.

In scripture the second coming is revealed as the harvest of the earth. Matthew 13:39 tells us that the harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels. In every harvest there is a process of sorting the good from the bad. The good crop is kept or placed in the barn and the bad is thrown away or burned in the fire. Strange as it may seem why did God put Adam and Eve in the Garden if the human race was not the crop the earth produces? The bible says,

The doctrine of the rapture tells me that I am going to escape what the word of God decrees. The rapture does not comply with every part of Godís plan that he revealed about the second coming. The word of Jesus Christ repudiates the doctrine of the rapture because the scriptures declare that the unjust will be raised with the church.

God often repeats what you need to know to confirm the certainty of his truth.

We should compare the following scriptures as well.

God often repeats what you need to know to confirm the certainty of his truth.

When Christ rises to shake the earth every eye will see him even the man who pierced his side, and the people of the earth will mourn because of him and attempt to hide from the face of the Lamb because they are facing the imminent wrath of God. Looking forward to Chapter seven of Revelation we see those of the Old Testament being sealed and those who have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb gathered around the throne of God. These are in the presence of God and are receiving their reward. Those outside the camp are attempting to hide from the coming wrath of God.

When the fifth angel sounded his trumpet the locust were released from the abyss they were commanded not to harm those sealed by God.

Daniel 12 and Matthew 24 talks about the end time in this manner.

The bible tells us that God will go over his field once to harvest it in the same way the farmer reaps his crops. No matter how we depict the second coming, it is part of Godís plan of salvation and it will unfold exactly the way the decrees of God are poured out. Let us hold fast to his promise.

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