Come, All Who Are Thirsty

Every one of us thirsts during our life time and we thirst for a number of things that refresh either our body or spirit. When God speaks of thirst he normally refers to a desire of the spirit. This craving is like the water you crave for after you have spent some time out in the sun working and begin to thirst for something to drink. Drinking any form of liquid having water as its main ingredient quenches and satisfies your bodily thirst for a little while and after you go back to work the need to quench your thirst occurs again.

Unfortunately we crave for cars and homes in the earthly environment that never satisfy us for long. The reason being is that the Jonesís just bought something bigger and better making what you own insignificant. That doesnít help much when all we want more than anything else is our dignity and to be loved.

When it is all said and done your human nature imposes on your sense of worth literally causing you to drown into debt. God says come you who are thirsty for things that are without cost and satisfy your soul. Righteousness for example is obtained by believing God and it has benefits that are released through faith.

Jesus was speaking of the refreshing water affecting our character and perhaps referred to Isaiah 12:3 where the bible says with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation. Obeying God changes the attitude you use to approach lifeís problems and the methods used that demonstrates love for another person. These attitudes are similar to a a well, a resource of love that refreshes and keeps creating a better life and relationships.

The beatitudes contain the basic attitudes that Jesus revealed that every Christian should obtain and exercise. These beatitudes are basic to the outlook every Christian should use to build a character that shapes our outlook towards eternal life. In other words these attitudes contain the traits that make you acceptable to God and the people that are involved in your day to day life.

Here during our time on earth becoming acceptable to God is the goal every Christian has. The reason being Judgment day is around the corner of our life. On that day God will exercise his right to say welcome to my Kingdom which are the words you most wanted to hear or be gone you wicked person for I never knew you which will be the most devastating and recurring words echoing in your ears throughout eternity.

Even those who do not know God or attempt to please him want to go to heaven in the next life. Yet those who do not know him do not know it is a choice to seek the righteousness of God. Ignorance of Godís righteousness is due to neglect and the things that consume your time by following the things you can see come and go to find joy. On the other hand Godís righteousness comes with a commitment to seek a life God can respect and approve of.  

Right standing is never obtained with what you do but in what other people think of you. If you do what pleases another person you gain their approval and a right standing with them. This precept is true with God, by taking what the bible says to heart and finding out what pleases the Lord Ephesians 5:10. Learning what pleases God empowers you to do what is pleasing in Godís sight. The most important thing anyone can do is to believe in him. The bible says.

Those who believe in Jesus are compelled to love him and obey his commands because of how he responds to you.

When we give the evidence of repentance caused through belief what we do show our love for our Lord we obtain a right standing from God. For this reason God makes his dwelling in you to know you and show you the way to walk. Consider this, you could say that God is like our parents that will raise his child up in a way he approve of. 

When Jesus comes in his glory he will separate the sheep from the goats, to those on his right he said,

Serving the needs of one another through the love of God will encourage an effort to do the things that please your heavenly father. At the same time loving one another may be difficult with some but doing the will of God will satisfy you and give you a sense of accomplishment. While there is a reward for doing Godís will you will find that seeking his righteousness outweighs the rewards.  

Yet letís consider another point, God is the well of water and a fountain of life. From his throne flows the river of life that every citizen of heaven will be able to drink from.


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