Call to Pray

Although the majority of Americans believe that God created the heavens and the earth.  They fail to consider that man was the focus of Godís creation, for in creating the heavens and the earth, God created an environment to support the life of mankind. Americans do not fully understand that God has always ruled over his creation and will continue to rule in the age to come. However, the majority of Americans live as if God didnít exist. God has given everyone a choice of life and to serve him of his or her free will.  On the other hand those who havenít chosen life and refused to serve God are rebelling against God.  

In this respect we need to read and re-read Jeremiah to hear the importance of Godís message to a nation in a state of rebellion, a demand a return to God.

Our nation has lowered Israelís status by changing its policies. Today we are at war with the terrorist of September 2001 and we are facing a financial crisis. The cost of living is rising faster than our wages. Jobs are sent over seas and the unemployment lines in America are getting longer. Murder and other crimes against humanity are rising at an increasing pace. And as a nation, we have separated Church and State beyond the original purpose of our founding fathers and brought these conditions on ourselves by turning from God?

Wickedness is flaunted in our nationís capital. America is suffering from following the stubbornness of its evil heart instead of obeying God. Very little escapes American leaders when it comes fulfilling a desire for wealth.

However, by an act of congress the men who caused the financial meltdown were rewarded with huge bonuses with what was considered a solution to restore our nationís finances. What United States needs more than wealth is a national revival that will turn the hearts of man back to God. We need to restore God to his rightful place before the Lord our God withdraws his blessing, his love and his pity from our nation. (Jeremiah 16:5) We need to understand this, God says

Biblical history shows that the effects of the discipline God applied on the Kings of Israel affected the people as well. According to the bible, God sent men from Islamic nations to raid the land of Israel, which brought hardships on the people. Consider what happened in America in September 11, 2001 when the trade towers and the pentagon was attacked. It may be a coincidence but the invaders attacked the financial and military centers of the United States. Centers that Americans placed their trust into for their security.

The present administration has reversed its policies regarding Israel and is giving them a less favored status. Can we afford to allow our leaders to change the policies of the past towards Israel? Letís remember the covenant God made with Abram who later became Abraham.

Letís consider how we may direct our prayers towards restoring our nation back to God. We need a national revival that restores the American people to one Nation under God. In regards to our President and other national leaders, we should pray for our politicians to find Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and have ears that hear the demands of the public.

Therefore, Pray knowing that as Christians we can do nothing without God. We must obtain his help to overcome the wickedness of those leading our nation away from God.  If our nation is to regain its prosperity, our nation must turn back to God and obey the Lord.

What has God Got to do to bring Americans to their knees and recognize that God will rule over us of our free will or we will serve him as an example.




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