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The greatest issue in Jeremiahís time was Israelís leaders and nobles were under the influence of ungodly priests and prophets. God said that he neither sent them nor spoke to those who were advising Israelís leaders. Still these ungodly priests and prophets leaders were prominent at the time and were held in high esteem. The outcome was Israel was led further from the ways God approved of.  

Jeremiah was sent with the following message.

However, it was plain that the false prophetís message had preference over the people. Their message always said that Israel would come out on top in life and the warnings Jeremiah was sent to deliver was discredited and taken lightly.

Whatever Jeremiah predicted would happen was countered by these false prophets. They predicted that Babylon neither had the power nor a reason to put Israel under Babylonian submission. Instead they predicted that Babylon would be forced to return the temple articles and allow Israel to live in peace.

Jeremiah was told by God to proclaim the need to reform Israelís lifestyle because they were falling into sin and away from Godly influence. Therefore, Israel was facing a choice of whom to listen to and obey. Jeremiah was predicting the wrath of God but the false prophets were proclaiming peace and safety.   In other words the predictions for the good times were more desirable than gloom and doom.   

One prophet after another would proclaim great and wonderful things which were the assurance that Israelís leaders wanted to hear.  That assertion was well received and encouraged other prophets to proclaim similar messages. Then there was Jeremiah proclaiming that the wrath of God was coming as sure as the sun would rise in the morning. Jeremiah was in the minority with very few listening to the message God gave him.

It makes me wonder if God had enough of these false prophets who were leading Israel to their ruin. Who was listening to the words given to Jeremiah and the others sent by God warning them of impending wrath of God?   God also declared to Jeremiah these words.

History reveals the words of these false prophets were in error. The fate of the false prophets because he had not spoken to them revealed the anger of God. Some died in the siege, others died in exile and rest was executed with the nobles of Israel. Yet because of their words all of Israel suffered at the hand of Babylonís sword.  

The proof of their prophetic dreams and visions were seen in the events of history. God sent Babylonís army to surround Jerusalem with men that did not value the life of Godís people. The record shows God sent the nation of Babylon to accomplish the purpose that fulfilled the warnings of punishment and the fury of God.

God sent Jeremiah to return his people into his loving hands. We may never know if God would have relented if his people reformed their deeds and began to worship him.  

God is asking his people to reform their ways and repent from their wickedness. Yet men are still interested in serving their own needs and look for additional ways to forge their own destiny. Around our lives is the concept that you have to look after your needs because no one else will. They listen to the idea that God is love and will not let them perish. They also base their hope that they are better than others and based on human logic say they are worthy of going to heaven.

Who are the wicked listening to when Jesus said if you do not repent you too will perish (Luke 13:5)? Do the ungodly show an interest in knowing Godís plan or in knowing that we live or die by the word of God. The bible says;

 Today God is warning mankind of his coming wrath (1 Thessalonians 1:10) but who are we listing to. We also have a peace and safety teaching that says donít worry we were not appointed to suffer wrath for God will rapture us out of the tribulation period. On the other hand God gave authority to the dragon to defeat and conquer the saints.

There appears to be opposing views in the church one of mankind and that of God. Who do we listen to when one side says we wonít have to face the wrath of God. The other side is the word of God that says.

Just as Jeremiah spoke of a future time that had not yet happened we are waiting for the coming of Jesus Christ. However the wrath came upon Israel just as predicted by Jeremiah proving that he was sent by God. Today we are faced with an event that has not happened yet but whom do we believe.

Anyone can predict the future when they understand how a plan works. However no one is certain about the plan God has for his return. Have they called on God to understand his plan to prepare for that day?  The bible says;   

God planned the harvest of mankind before the beginning of time and has not changed that plan. He has said that every word will come to pass before the earth would pass away. Like all plans they will do what you plan when you do everything possible to ensure they happen as planned.

In the same way you will go to Heaven when you make every effort to ensure you will go to heaven. However if you fail to call on the God who can save you and fail to repent you will never know the good things God has planned for you. 4/22/2014


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