Almighty Creator

Man may not thoroughly understand how the earth originated but Godís autograph is on everything he created. It stands to reason that God would make sure that his creation could understand how we came into being and live in the environment he fashioned. This tells us the creation was organized in such a way that the existence of heaven and earth did not happened by chance. Rather it was designed by a supreme being to meet the needs of the living beings he designed to populate the earth.

It is impossible for man to have come from an ape or any other life form found on earth; the design of God forbids such things. Man has to understand the origin of life itself did not happen as men of science theorized. Unless a person looks to a creator he or she will never know or understand what life is.  A manís body lying in a casket is not a living being for he has expired and his breath (spirit) has returned to his creator. On the other hand when God formed Adam from the dust of the earth Adam was just an empty vessel. It wasnít until after God Breathed the breath of life into Adam that he became a living being. For this reason human life is a body animated by a spirit resembling its creator.

When we look further there are two major events that happen to the breath of life. Although the body ceases to function when man expires life begins when man takes his first breath. Secondly man requires a sacred respect for life and needs to be mentally inspired by God to appreciate and gain the life God designed man to produce.

Upon recognizing God as creator we must also recognize that God owns everything our senses see, hear and touch. This may be incomprehensible to some but as an illustration, any man can smash windshields and kick the tires of the car he owns because it belongs to him. Men think of their person as belonging to them, yet to think of your person being a possession of God becomes unbelievable to those who donít seek or know God.

If we recognize God as creator then we must become aware that every human being is a part of his creation and belongs to him. The question then has to center around developing his creation to function as designed.  The answer lies in what do you do with things that donít function properly or do what they were designed to do? God designed man to function in a certain way but for those who do not function as designed a place of torment.  Life is for everyone who uses the mind God gave them to comply with his needs.

Though man has never seen God; God revealed his power and nature by the things he created. The evidence that God exists is in everything so men and women do not have an excuse to know he reigns over his possessions. What we may not understand is the Earth is Godís laboratory; place specifically designed to test and observe his creation.  Earth has become a place where God can weed out those not suited for his kingdom.

In addition God gave mankind an opportunity and the choice affecting his life outside the testing ground of the earth. God has made his nature known to mankind in so many ways that man has no excuse to recognize his existence. Most of mankind fails to recognize Godís ownership and do not thank or glorify God. They allow the lure of wealth and luxury to destroy their lives and only do what is right before God when it is convenient.  The outcome is sowing to the flesh and reaping utter destruction on the day they meet their creator.

This principle rings with truth to those who know God but to the person who does not perceive the reality of God ever venture into Godís kingdom or seek his face. They choose an alternate way to live that allows them to follow the stubborn inclinations of their evil hearts and have a misconception of what  life is about that will justify how they lived.

The bible is filled with stories of men who chose to follow the inclinations of the heart. In Abrahamís day the perverse people of Sodom and Gomorrah were so evil they were incinerated. Noah also preached to stubborn people who did not listen to the warnings God gave them through Noah. It rained for forty days and nights and everything was covered with rain. Jeremiah warned men to reform their lives and pay attention to his prophets and they were exiled to Babylon as captives of a cruel nation.

However the bible tells us a story about Jonah who ran from God because did not want to go to an unfriendly nation engulfed in sin. God got Jonahís attention while inside a whale convincing him to go to Nineveh with Godís message. On arrival in Nineveh Jonah preached to people who repented. Their sincerity in repenting reached heaven and caused God to relent about what he planned to do. The outcome was different because God of peace had compassion on them and forgave them.

The majority of people in the world do not revere the God of creation. According to the bible man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment - Hebrews 9:27. God says I will be quick to testify against those who deprive men of justice, oppress widows and the fatherless but do not revere me. On the day I gather my chosen ones you will see the distinction between those who serve God and those who do not. Malachi 3:18

When men live as they see fit God is left out of their lives. Yet God does not want a single person to perish in a place of torment set aside to punish Satan and the fallen angels.  Everyone who wants eternal life has to choose to live governed by the laws God gave mankind. Sin separated man from God but sin required the death of those who sin. However, being a God of love God wants your love and a relationship with you restored. 

For this reason God sent his Son to die for the sin of mankind that was imputed to Jesus as the sacrificial Lamb of God; our Messiah and Savior of the world. Jesus died to atone for our sins and when we accept Godís purpose was to cleanse sinful mankind from sin to make them acceptable to God, we are saved. His death reconciled and justified us enabling us to serve God being made holy and righteous before him. 

God is the sovereign ruler of the living and wants you to accept his Son as Lord. If Jesus is Lord we can be in agreement because our lives belong to him as his servant. We are to serve his needs and obey his commands but remember that Godís commands are not burdensome and we will not serve God without help. God has promised to;

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