A Matter Of Convenience

Unfortunately, there is no warning label that one can see in the race for life, unless we turn to Godís word for instructions. Everyone lives as they see fit and warning them that God will judge them for their sin is almost a futile effort. Still life whether in the spiritual world or the physical world is so fragile that a single mistake in judgment can result with pain and suffering for the rest of your life. The average person can not see or go into the spiritual world to experience the harm from evil, but in the physical world men and women understand the dangers that he or she is continuously exposed to.  For example, the dangers outside your home are such that the mother typically says Ė be careful Ė when you are going out the front door for work or school.  

A second of carelessness may cause an injury in either world that will affect the rest of your life, but danger in the physical world is known by what we are able to see and hear. The reality of life tells us that every labor saving device is designed for the comfort and ease of mankind, but labor saving device will not consider the well being of the person due to the way the device is used. The real danger is caused by those who do not read the instructions, use the device for something it was not designed to do or does not properly maintain the device.  

Today workers are trained to work around machinery, workers learn a second of precaution means you can go home to your family with all of your limbs intact. How many times have you heard of a crane operator died by striking overhead electrical wires or a worker that fell off a scaffold?

On the other hand, how many people are arrested while driving under the influence? Accidents are not entirely preventable or related to the work place. Man is capable of making good decisions as well as bad ones. The reality of life is that there is a consequence for every decision whether good or bad. The reality is that you are not always in control because other people make decisions that affect your life

Thousands of people die from being wrong mostly from ignorance, arrogance, neglect along with carelessness. Regardless of oneís occupation, nationality, age, or beliefs people do what they believe to be right in their own eyes. For example, most of us have seen the arrogant driver that makes gestures as they pass your car. Their faces show anger because they have places to go and things to do while they pass you uttering words not fit to be heard.

In spite of vocation, loyalty to country, maturity, faith or the knowledge, there is a God that knows millions of people die in their sin from ignorance, arrogance and from neglect.  The danger of being deceived is greater in spiritual matters than in the world where we can observe the dangers of life. Someone once said that everything has a purpose and every purpose has a reason. The world is so busy acquiring its luxuries that they fail to pay attention to the reason they are on earth and why God created them.

If everything has a purpose and every purpose has a reason than why did God create you and what is your purpose in life. Everyone on the face of the earth knows that God exists because he made it plain to them (Romans 1:19.)  We also know that God created the heavens and the earth, but those created by God overlook that the earth was designed to support human life. If man is the reason God designed the earth to sustain, why did he create us, what is the purpose we serve in his plan? In addition God created man to think logically, so its feasible to understand that God is able to create the earth to support human life, he is also able to frustrate our environment so man could be freed from the curse of sin.

God explains the problem man faces in this manner.

The man that God created has rebelled and denied Godís authority over their life. Man knows about the eternal power and divine nature of God, therefore he is without excuse.

Why isnít the world capable of understanding that the world is rebelling against God?  To this day, the world hasnít got a clue why he is rebelling against God. Although they understand that God rules over his creation, they are so distracted and overwhelmed with the things of this world to consider that they are a part of Godís creation and subject to his rule.

In addition, millions of people live their entire life in hope that God will find them worthy of being accepted into heaven. The earthís population has a better knowledge of how their car, computer, television and X-Box work than they know about God. Men and women are intoxicated with things govern their lives. Because of the world wants you to buy the things it produces the world lures you by making things attractive and easy to obtain. In the long run, these things rob its owners of relationships with other people and allow them to withdraw to hide from the problems of the world.

The truth concerning success in life is found in the abundance of life. Men have learned to depend on doctors to live longer even though they know they will eventually die. Death is so revolting to men that they seldom think about dying and live as if there is no tomorrow.  The truth is God created man to be accountable to him for what they have done and he is concerned about the decisions youíve made.      

Its time to say we have had enough of things that does not satisfy the needs of our life and focus our attention on living. God doesnít make junk. You are not a misfit, a freak of nature, or an accident looking for a place to happen. God created you for a purpose and the real purpose is found in the realm he created for you to dwell in the hereafter.

In this creation God created man male and female so you would have a intimate relationship with another person and eventually with other people. His creation was an example of the relationship God wants man to have with him. However, our nature is self-destructive in every form of relationships.

The majority of human beings in the world understand that God is the supreme authority of everything he created. Still, people do not consider that the ultimate sin is refusing to submit to Godís authority. Man inherently knows what to expect from the things they create, but cannot grasp that God created them with the same idea. Hasnít the human race been deceived when we fail to find out why God created man and are willing to learn specific things about God to comply with what he created us to do?

Normally we find out that we have been deceived after the fact. Like the prey the outcome of being deceived is finding our body dangling from the mouth of the lion on his way to the den. Most of the time we find our lives up the creek without a paddle. After you have been deceived itís always too late to change the outcome and there is no way of escape. The reality is that you have to face the consequences.

The human race is unaware that God is spirit and rules our world from the spiritual realm. Because our eyes are designed for the physical world, it is impossible to know what is going on in the Spiritual realm without Godís guidance.

Our flesh was not designed to function by faith but to see, touch and smell the things of earth.  This is the most probable reason why no one has seen God or the angel called Satan. The history of God and his kingdom is understood by faith. Mankind would be surprised to know there is a war in heavenly realm spilling into our realm. In this war one of the leading angels, Satan, rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven to the earth.

Craving Godís throne Satan found himself in the world where he could be the god of this age. Knowing that he could not defeat God, Satan chose to make war on the men and women of this world that serve the God of creation. In this war, he tries to prevent men from having a relationship with God and if possible sever any kind of relationship men have with God.

Unknown to man, Satan has a history of suppressing the truth and inciting the human race to sin against God. He has filled mankind with a craving for the things of the world that consumes their time to prevent them from knowing what God expects and desires of men.  

This rebellious angel is known by several names of which the better known names are Satan and the Devil. God has provided a profile on Satanís skills, character and goals within his word to make everyone aware of the dangers of sin and the deceptive nature of Satan. In Godís word, Peter likens Satan to a roaring lion looking for someone to devour and Proverbs likens a roaring lion to a ruthless leader.

No matter how one looks at the roaring lion it poses a picture of an animal that hunts down his prey in a deliberate and deceptive manner. The lion is a predator of his territory and attacks the weakest target available to survive.

When the lion roars he is sending an intimidating, but threatening alarm to instill fear in those who can hear him. He covertly pursues his prey in secret like a snake dragging his belly on the ground and quietly sneaks up on his prey until the victim spots him. Then the victimís race for life begins and because the lion is merciless the victim is eventually devoured.

Satan is like the thief that comes in the night and like the snake he strikes suddenly. He reigns in terror and like a criminal that intimidates his victim to ensure they do what he wants.  He comes to kill, to steal and destroy and then laughs at the pain and suffering he leaves behind. To add insult to injury, Satan then points his finger at you and says itís entirely your fault, because he of course is a perfect angel.

Satan works like the cars in the passing lane going twenty miles an hour over the speed limit that compels you to keep up with them. You join the crowd because you see the advantage of going places and doing things at a faster pace. Eventually the man with the badge pulls you over, gives you a ticket and summonses you to court. You tell the judge that you were only doing what everyone else was doing. The judge said you had a choice, but in your defense you also told me that you chose to speed.  Then with the knock of the gavel the judge renders the guilty verdict and a heavy fine.

Men donít understand that the ticket would be in the courtís hands before you arrived to face the judge? Doesnít this give you the time to hire an attorney and prepare a defense?  In the same manner a record of your deeds will reach Godís throne long before Jesus takes his seat to judge. The trouble with your deeds is that on the day when you stand before Jesus you may be sure that your sins have found you.

The biggest deception of life is that the world has the knowledge of God, but wonít take the time to find out what God expects of them to prepare for that day. Being proud of their behavior the world makes uninformed decision about their spiritual life and has an unwarranted hope why God will accept them into heaven. Instead they plan on going to heaven because they have lived a moral life by their standards without the understanding that God will have compassion on those he finds worthy.

Men make time in this world to learn the sciences of the world for the benefit of the income they expect to earn for the rest of their lives.  God has made it plain to the world that he exists, but then Satan incites them to believe that they donít need the wisdom of God.   

Fools lack the prudence to seek the wisdom and discipline given to them by God.  This same fool is better prepared for the trip to Paris next week than to meet God in person. You can guarantee that they will have their passport, their luggage and tickets in their hands long before they have to stand inline at the boarding Gate.  These people have twenty-four hours a day to use in any way they see fit just like everyone else does. However, everything in this fast paced world should never overcome the need to take time to know the plans of God and how they affect their lives.  Solomon wrote,

God has given you the gift of eternal life and the choice to accept it. There is nothing under the sun keeping you from seeking knowledge about God when he has made it available to you. It is a choice of your own to accept or reject the knowledge that can save you. No one can fathom the heartbreak that God will have on Judgment day if you choose to forfeit your soul.  On the day you give an account of your life God wonít accept any excuses for he has done everything within reason to keep you from perishing.

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